Idea Thread

Collection of ideas for the summer regional games! No idea is stupid, so post away!


Nation creation! Participants create a nation at the start of the summer with the goal of getting into the top 100 in a World Census Report. Some Census Reports may be ranked higher than others.

Players create a nation at the start of the summer (or at any time during the summer) with the objective of having the NationStates • View forum - Global Economics and Trade sales by the end. Only trades with player nations count, and everything has to be RPed, but no there are no other restrictions or rules - players may do whatever it takes to increase the value of their storefront trades or sabotage their opponents’. Winner gets a Commend for being the NS world’s foremost up and coming dealer of whatever they’ve managed to foist off on the unsuspecting public.

(Looking for main-forum RPers’ views on this one - what’s the best way to go about doing this? Also, much thanks to Nai for coming up with the idea of Commends and Condemns as rewards)

Social engineering! There are 1,500 regions in the game with passwords. The goal of participants in this game is to convince as many of these regions as possible, by any means possible, to give them their passwords. Whoever has the most valid regional passwords at the end (confirmed by a judge nation going around and trying them all, no doubt making quite a splash in the process!) wins. Winner gets a Liberation - on the region of their choice. :wink:

Quick ideas contributed by Nai:[ul]
*] Seize Warzone Asia! Regions compete as a whole to hold a warzone for the longest period of time.
*] Mafia Games. Self-explanatory, but the twist is that there can be a killer from each region in participation.
*] Write and pass a Generaly Assembly Resolution. Winners can receive a commendation/condemnation on preference.

Other ideas not related is that it can have a Lost/Survivor kind of theme where regions can trade favors to help in one game for help in anothe game; allows collaboration and the potential for manipulation and bribing.

Either have members register prior to start of the games or sign-up per game.

Can have games of teams, where each team member is from another region.

Thanks Nai for the wonderful ideas and motivation! I wrote them down but reposted them here so that they could be elaborated, expanded upon if need be; hope you don’t mind!


International RP Gala

Inviting delegates/representatives from other regions to RP in the midst of the summer games.

National/Regional Postcard Contest

We can have a contest where players design “postcards” for their nations ore regions!

Collective nation (giving credit where NationStates • View topic - Collective Nation 2: Sign Up for the inspiration)!

All participants vote on how a contest nation will decide its issues. At the start of the event, regions pick a national category that they wager it will end up in. The winning region is the one that picks the category that it ends up in (or that they steer it into) in the end.

A NS-wide art contest. No limit on the number of participants, the medium, or the subject so long as it pertains to NS somehow. Not sure what a suitable
prize would be.

RMB Posting Contest

Contest for the best posts on the RMB ranging from anti-adspum posts to random nonsense.

Kudos to Nai for (copypasting her ideas as they come):

Jolt scavenger hunt, only for 2009 and newer nations.

cross-cultural challenge… pick an NS subforum, and that’s your team. Come up with questions about your subforum/area of the game to stump the other players…

should definitely have a schedule of events, mix things up so we know what’s happening every day and there’s something for all the different player groups. and different sorts of challenges each day, too. so every day there’d be at least one where you’re competing between regions, and one where you’re organized in a different fashion.

Art contest notes (gleaned from Nai/Kand/Noggin convo):

Advertise this to main-forum RPers as a way to attract them - there is the draftboard, and the FT RP community are almost all digital artists.

Have a gallery thread of all submissions and winners. The thread should be on the main forum.

Have a single photobucket/imageshack for all images in the gallery, to prevent dead links. Have multiple backups in case that goes down.

Prizes: Many aspects of NS will participate, so multifaceted prizes are necessary. Some ideas include: Recognition in existing acclaimed artists’ galleries, appearance in regional flags, Commends, some sort of commission by someone acclaimed.