I'm a anopheles mosquito!

Greetings from the Werewolf Consortuim. At this moment we are begining our covert take over of- … random werewolf bends down and whispers something Right, my foreign advisor said that saying that is a bad idea. lol.

Right so Hi im new. Joined this region and decided may as well sign up for the forums. I am on the RMB all the time.

In other news… I like the smileys! https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592185.5641-smiley.gif?ttinline=truehttps://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592188.0653-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Noticed you quite a bit on the RMB there! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the region. Remember to apply for Citizenship and start the awesome Role Playing

I was wondering what I had to do to get citizenship.

Hi, welcome to TEP. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592190.3212-smiley.gif?ttinline=true
Nice intro.

Also - congrats on being able to spell “anopheles” in the face of subliminal counter-suggestion from the admins. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592186.2827-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Thanks for all the welcomes!
@Almonmaster thanks lol.

There are a freaking zillion labels like “baby face hugger” programmed into the forum. On post 666, you’ll be Satan - for exactly one post.

Some of them date into NS antiquity, spelling (British or American) not withstanding. My fav is Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D.

Yeah, the problem with that, that you get most of them if you have 2000+ posts. Until then, it only changes about every 100-200 posts. But at least there’s a nice reference to Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home relatively early.

Lol. ya. I’m going to try and get anopheles mosquito back. You need a mosquito smiley. https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592184.6998-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

Well, Loop was the one who did all these tags, but since he’s M.I.A. for a long time now, I doubt there will be ever any change.

:frowning: Hope he shows up. Who arranges the map?