Dyr Nasad, how dare you turn defender.

lol…bout time you came back…you know you missed me

Shut up! It’s time for you to return to your old position of sex-slave

Oh? Dreaming again, are we?

Aha, answered my facebook messages you have!! Welcome back!

Aha! The other sex-slave!

Where’s my big headed Equinoxian?

Mainly in Equinox

-why did you come here if you were looking for him? :stuck_out_tongue:

This trip is strictly pleasure, not business.

welcome back.

Uh, hi there.

Hello again

Oh hai =P

I was starting to feel rejected you took so long!

You used to be so efficient…

You’ve changed.

Hi YaM. I’ve turned DN to the dark side. Now you just have to join TITO and my plans will be complete.