Important Announcement

So originally my phone had unlimited data as long as my mom kept her phone (it involved some sort of contract or something that I can’t remember but that’s beside the point).

Well that was several years ago. Fast forward to now and well my mom’s phone is starting to crack and it’s acting up and dropping calls and it’s just old.

My phone is too (can’t update it without the update screwing up my phone).

So tomorrow we are getting new phones. However I’ll no longer have unlimited data meaning I can’t post as often as I can unless I’m using hotspot wifi (like at a library or the cafe at the bookstore I work at) since we have extremely limited data (2 GB for each person).

So this is going to take some getting used too but I’ll try post as much as I’m able to. There might be days I can’t post but those days would mostly be on Sundays if I’m not working or if I’m out of town (that’ll be on Thanksgiving coming up soon).

Sorry about this y’all. But while this will take some getting used to (not only me but also my mom and sister [she’s getting a new phone as well]) I don’t think it’s fair that my phone has to use a phone on it’s last legs simply so I can have unlimited data.

I just wanted to let all of you know about this.

I hope you can understand and forgive me for any delays that may come up due to this. But I assure you I’ll do what I can and post whenever I can. Thank all of you for understanding.