Industrial Pollution Control

The World Assembly;

AWARE that industrial growth may be essential for economic development, and one of the main sources of employment in many Member Nations,

CONCERNED however, that industrial pollution may negatively impact a nation’s environment and population,

WORRIED that unregulated pollution from industries disproportionately affect the poorest segments of society causing social injustice,

CONVINCED that without proper safeguards, industrial pollution may have a detrimental effect on environmental health and public safety resulting in extreme hazard to the population of the nation,

DETERMINED to ensure that a proper balance is struck between economic development and environmental and public health,

ENCOURAGING Member Nations to promote environmentally friendly industry,

  1. DEFINES “Threshold of environmental quality” as: “The level of environmental degradation beyond which an area is deemed unsafe for population or unable to sustain natural flora and fauna”,

  2. DEFINES “pollution” as chemical and energy contaminants that cause adverse change in the environment or the health of a population,

  3. TASKS the World Assembly Science Program (WASP) with the following duties:
    i. To collect and publish annual reports on industrial pollution in Member Nations,
    ii. To work with Member Nations to assess thresholds of environmental quality for their environments,
    iii. To help Member Nations assess total economic loss to the nations and their population due to industrial pollution,
    iv. To work with Member Nations to estimate the economic viability of adapting the nations’ thresholds of environmental quality and to produce suitable recommended targets for pollution reduction,
    v. To revise these recommended targets with the changes in economic conditions of the Member Nations,
    vi. To promote and encourage research and development to reduce industrial pollution, recycling waste where possible, and improve pollution monitoring,

  4. MANDATES Member Nations to implement the following:
    i. To adapt thresholds of environmental quality and implementation of pollution reduction targets recommended by WASP,
    ii. To establish policies aimed at reaching pollution reduction targets and monitor and ensure compliance with these policies,
    iii. To promote pollution control by creating awareness about pollution control measures and technologies, and to encourage research and development efforts in reduction of pollution,
    iv. Criminalize violations of this act, with enforcement suitable to the Member Nation,
    v. To establish policies that aim to prevent pollution from the nation’s industries from causing harm in other nations,

  5. ENCOURAGES Nations to promote energy conservation, carbon neutrality and landscaping efforts in and around industries where possible,

  6. CLARIFIES that nothing in this act prevents member nations from providing aid, financial, technical, or otherwise, to companies in order to meet the requirements of this act.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Industrial Pollution Control Act

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Industrial Pollution Control was passed 7,446 votes to 4,361.