Introducing Liberty

Hello there foreign nationals,
As the diplomatic representative from the Commonwealth of Elorea, I wish to introduce my small nation into your lovely community. Elorea is a country that is so liberal it hurts, but in a good way. Personally, I love my homeland; I can do just about anything I want to my body or have done to my body. Why just the other day, I was telling one of my wives, Helen about piercing my liver, and she said, “but what happens if someone touches it? Won’t you piss yourself?” LOL, it was about that time I was going to tell her to shut her mouth when I remembered the armed guards who make sure we can all say exactly what we want. :slight_smile: Its just little moments like that that make me happy to be a citizen of Elorea.

Uh…okay…greetings, comrade!

Yes, greetings, and welcome.


I have one question: What’s the difference between these topics and the gold sticky?