Introducing the Kingdom of Azulcena

Reporters, spies, diplomats, and tourists make their way back to your nations, carrying the following leaflet. They tell you it’s been all over this new nation they’ve come from, a land of rolling meadows, hills and thick forests, humble clean cities. Printed on rich, taupe paper, the lettering is simple, crimson, and over the title is printed the golden silhouette of some sort of flower.

— Begin quote from ____


By the power vested in me by my Royal House, the Treaty of Velasco, and the people of our great nation, I, Antonio the First of Cuizaza, declare the varied fiefs of the Azulcenian domain united under the Crown of the White Lily.
Por el poder investido en mí por mi Casa Real, el Tratado de Velasco, y la gente de nuestro gran nación, yo, Antonio el Primero de Cuizaza, declaro los feudos varios de los dominios azulcenanos unidos debajo de la Corona de la Azucena.

I solemnly promise to govern the peoples of Azulcena well, to use my power to cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all my judgments.  May our land live in peace, prosperity, and happiness forever more.
Solemnemente prometo gobernar bien el pueblo de Azulcena, usar mi poder para causar la ley y la justicia estar cumpleadas con compasión en todos mis juicios.  Viva siempre nuestro país en la paz, la prosperidad, y la felicidad.

People of Azulcena, rejoice!
¡Alégrense, gente de Azulcena!

— End quote

Looks like we got an RP’er! Come on down and join into our RP section! its tons of fun.

And welcome to TEP! I shall be invading you shortly.

Welcome to the East Pacific, where the main rule is to have fun!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask our Nationstates Delegate Allegheny, or Todd McCloud, East Malaysia, me, or anyone else here for help.

We are always willing to help newcomers.

It would seem that you are already to start roleplaying. We have a lot of active roleplaying threads going on right now:

Coronation: where my leader is currently touring several nations in the hopes of establishing peaceful relations with other countries

International Sealab: Scientists and military bump heads (sometimes literally :wink: ), as they explore the ocean depths.

Shiro Academy: an international school where students from all over attend; politics sometimes gets through into the mix.

You can even start your own roleplaying thread!

Everyone here hopes you’ll have a great time.

Thanks very much, Allegheny and Vulshain! I’m definitely interested in the Coronation idea.

BTW, as a DW fan, I am totally thrilled to see these emotes here:

— Begin quote from ____

Thanks very much, Allegheny and Vulshain! I’m definitely interested in the Coronation idea.

BTW, as a DW fan, I am totally thrilled to see these emotes here:

— End quote

Is your favorite Pokemon Bidoof? Yes? Terrific!

Welcome to TEP! Also, Daleks have no hold here, we are TWO SECONDS into the future. They’ll never find us.


I heard a rumor you wanted to get a pokemon avatar. Gotta catch 'em all. TEP has high goals as a region, let’s see how many pokemon we can get. Terasu is already god though…but that’s okay we’ll still love you the same.



Hey there! Welcome to the region, and I can’t wait to see more of your nation around the RP scene!

Thanks, Todd!

Awwwwww… new RPing blood! Welcome on board, Azulcena!! :lol:

*Reziel goes out to buy a Spanish dictionary :wink:

¡Muchas gracias, Reziel! Agradezco su intento.