Introduction - - Zakk of Oldmanzakk

Hey, hi all my name is Andrea I’m glad to be here to play NationStates with you!

Here a little introduction of myself:

How did you find NationStates?
I was in search of a Broswer/MMMO text-based game,I saw NS on a list in a internet site and I decided to try it.

How long have you played NationStates?
I started to play +/- in October 2015

What inspired the name of your nation?
It come from on of my nicknames and it is mixed with letters from my last name.

Have you joined the World Assembly?
Yes, my Nation: The Empire of Oldmanzakk is a WA member.

What country are you from?
I come frome Italy, near Venice but i am currently
living, studying and working in Berlin.

Do you like watching the news?
Yes, but not much on TV;
I prefer the use of Internet (Google Scholar) or Newspapers (both online & digital) I’m really interested on how it’s going in the World, my favourite topics are Science (Medicine,Robotics,Space and IT technology in particular), Enviroment (not in a fanatic way) and Foreign Policy and Affairs.
I distaste gossip news and quackery.

Do you like studying the government?
Yes, at the moment I am learning about the german government
and it is very interesting.

I hope we will have an enjoyful time together!
Best Regards!

Welcome to TEP!

Vielen Dank, Grazie, Thanks Bachtendekuppen! :slight_smile:

My main issue here is the Skitarii avatar. Its not green, and it doesn’t have enough dakka.

Good point. But we can be friends, we have red coats and red goez fazta, you know… :wink:


Thanks East Malaysia!