Hello, this is my first time playing nation states so if I make any mistakes please tell me.

-I will now introduce my nation: The Kingdom of The Senkaku islands.-

*The Senkaku islands have been ruled by the descendants of Yusaku Makoichi since 56 BC, when a group of of ocean navigating seamen arrived from Kyushu island of Japan and subjugated the polynesian natives from 39 BC.

*The Senkaku Islands is a group of islands to the south of the Japanese archipelago near present day Taiwan and Okinawa.

*The main ethnic groups are East Asian/ Yamato / Japanese( 62 %) Polynesian ( 34%) and others ( 4 %)

  • The population of the the Senkaku Islands is 5 million people.

  • The economy of The Senkaku Islands is currently thriving, with the largest industries being arms manufacturing, uranium mining, and the fishing industry.

*The national animal is the Kazoishi Dragonfly, which grows to a maximum of 45 cm, and is only found on Kazoishi Island, a small island in the far east of the country.

  • The currency is the Yen.

*The official language of the Senkaku islands is Japanese.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome! You’re allowed to have your nation be wherever you want, but our roleplay universe has It’s pretty neat, but you don’t need to be on the map to design your nation in our region, though, and it’s no mistake - just if you want to RP it’s best to have it represented on our map!

That aside, welcome to the region! How do you like NS so far?

For the love of Attila the Hun!, 45 cm dragonflies?.. note to self: stay away from Kazoishi island.

Err, I mean, Welcome to the forums!, hope you stick around (and keep your mutant insects as far away from my nation as possible).

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