Invasive Species Response Act

The World Assembly,

CONCERNED that the serious universal issue of invasive plant and animal species has been overlooked by the international community;

HIGHLIGHTING accidental overproliferation of invasive species as not only a threat to ecosystems across the world, but also a significant, yet preventable financial burden for businesses and governments;

STRIVING to reduce such consequences by promoting international response to present invasive species outbreaks and cooperation in curbing future spread of dangerous species;


DEFINES “invasive species” as any non-sapient plant or animal species posing a serious risk of rapid, uncontrolled, and detrimental population growth upon being introduced to a new environment;

INSTITUTES an international ban on the unregulated introduction of potential invasive species to nations in which said species are likely to overtake or displace indigenous flora and fauna;

MANDATES that nations or other groups desiring to introduce any potentially beneficial non-native species conduct highly thorough research into the potential consequences thereof and maintain a fund for use in population control efforts should they become necessary;

REQUIRES that nations maintain a reasonably comprehensive, freely accessible registry of indigenous species indicating their reproductive capacity, biological predators, genetic variability, and ideal environmental conditions, among other information relevant to population growth capacity or pest control;

ENCOURAGES cooperation between member-states and the World Assembly Science Program in identifying species with the potential to thrive in and dominate certain environments or cause extinctions of native species;

PERMITS customs officials to take necessary action against individuals suspected of cross-border smuggling of potential invasive species via airports, docks, post, or national and local borders;

OUTLAWS practices of the shipping industry conducive to the accidental spread of invasive species, namely the discharge of ballast water in coastal waters or internal waterways and use of inadequate vessel-cleaning procedures;

GRANTS businesses, particularly those involved in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and other industries whose profitability is likely to be hampered by the costs of invasive species management, full access to the aforementioned registries;

FURTHERMORE AFFIRMS the right of said businesses to apply for guaranteed low-interest loans to be spent on management of harmful invasive species, upon the presentation of credible scientific evidence proving the necessity of assistance.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.