Is this thing on?

Ah there we are!

Greetings, citizens and ambassadors to The East Pacific! Thank you for allowing me to stop in and get to know you all!

I am SkyDip, World Assembly Delegate for the region! TEP is my last stop on my world-wide tour of the Pacific regions, as well as TRR and Lazarus. My recruiter, The Oblivion Wastes, NationStates | RMB Post with some of the natives and I thought that an appropriate catalyst for me to drop in! I hope to get my citizenship to these forums on here shortly, and maybe even set up an embassy if the administration allows it :smiley:

If you guys have any questions about myself or my region, please feel free to ask! Also, I brought some frosty beer to share, so enjoy!

hands out mugs and pitchers of Nordic Skyrim Brew

Aha, I’ve seen you around from time to time. Welcome to The East Pacific!

A few comments for you!

  • I thought about commenting over in the citizenship section, but it’d probably be best if I said it here, but you’ll need to have a permanent nation in TEP and state it in your citizenship post in order to receive citizenship.
  • Also, if you want to establish embassies, you can setup an embassy application. Just read and post it in that forum.

Hope that helps, and nice to see you on the forums!

Thanks Todd, sorry I’m so late getting around to this. Is there a place here where you all discuss current WA proposals up for ratification/vote? That’s my bread and butter on the forums :smiley:

I see you’ve already found our!

Indeed, just had to do some digging!

Well hopefully not too much digging!