July 2011 Update

The Gazette is out!

The Gazette is finally out, albeit late. Of course. Its, like, a tradition and such!

Emerald Cabinet Election

And the Emerald Cabinet elections occurred this month. One candidate ran for each position, and they were elected with ease. Gauntleted Fist took the position of Activity Commissioner, Viktoria Gryfynn took the position of Interior Commissioner, and Mahaj was resoundingly elected as the Exterior Commissioner. Well done to all, and congratulations!

Summer Lull

As always, there’s been a bit of a lull in the summer. However, Lazarus’s RMB is doing fine. We encourage you to drop by and have fun!

IRC Channel

Harmoneia has created an IRC channel for Lazarus. You can check it out at #lazarus on esper.net What a creative name.