Greetings all.

I’m Kharkistania, I’m sure most of you know me.

I was an early supporter of the Empire, as you all know, but from about the 2nd day after the invasion onward, it has gone further and further down the drainpipe.

I think its time to put that poor excuse of a Government out of its misery, and I’m here to help the confederates oust Phedre.

Me too.

Im not helping the confederates.
I am a spy on their forums.
For the empire.


Welcome, Kharkistania. Glad to have you with us.

Hello Khark. Come and join the TNP foreign legion!!!

I would, but my UN here in TEP is already a member of the TEP International Brigades. :smiley:

creetings Comrade.

Creetings? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, looks like I got ejected and banned.

At least it took up enough of here influence that she could only eject one other person, and not even ban them.

Yes, South Malaysia is mine. :]. I’m back in The East Pacific now. Demanding my warning. I think I’m going to build my endos again. Just to drain her more.


It’s so funny seeing her flounder.