Hello, folks, our first story of the night is a new product has come out and is available worldwide in Kaeka Stores Right now! They are of course Luck o Charms a delicious cereal for people of all ages!

Only 3.73 Kiribs a box.

Another story for the night is PM Eres Rodriguez had an assassination attempt at 5:32 Kolosian Time in Poliaburg, he is currently being protected at Hamil Hotel, the assassinator was identified as 27-year-old Alexander Horton from Joralesia he was founded 2 miles away and was arrested and is currently being in question his trail is set for March.

King Franco Dead?
[spoiler]Hello, we interrupt this with breaking news, King Franco XVI has been found dead in his hotel room today after a Kolosian Royal Guard came in to check on him, with the help of some medics,
the Cause of death was classified as Food poisoning, Franco was eating out last night at a restaurant.
With Franco’s absence, A new Heir has been named, Ivan of Asendavia. Edward was married to Princess Maria III of Kolosia until her unexpected death in 2005, Ivan is the closest person to be heir to the throne as the other royals are dead except James but James has been exiled by Franco in 2017 so Franco could hold his position of King, Many people are glad Franco is dead as he was extremely racist, & made rash stupid decisions, Franco is also much younger with Ivan being 43 & Franco only 14. With no other royals left, he Announces himself “Kaiser of Kolosia” [/spoiler]
New PM Elections Result
[spoiler]After Eres Rodriguez Announced he would resign from office in March due to extremely old age, the Elections started, with the Main Parties being the Conservative & Liberal Parties, after the votes where the result was in a conservative Win, meaning Henry Grobecha is the New PM for Kolosia, he will be put into office March. As he is appointed by the King.[/spoiler]

Very Tragic News
[spoiler]Kolosian Prime Minister Eres Rodriguez has passed away in his sleep of natural causes.

Eres lived a long life, he died at the age of 81, a massive funeral will be held for him for his courage & help of Kolosia.

He served as Prime Minister from 1976 - 1980, 1988-1992, 2000-2004, 2014-2018.

He will be honored in UKKNJ’s history for his helpful attributes & is regarded as one of UKKNJs Best PM.

This causes Ernest Jericho to replace him, Ernest (42) is an experienced politician acting as governor of North Jorealesia from 2000-2009 & mayor of Willinani Creek from 1990-1996.

We hope the best for him


[spoiler]Prime Minister Ernest Jericho has announced that anyone leaving or entering Kolosia will be background checked to avoid terrorism, drug/human traffic and making Kolosia safer. Only applies to land borders.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]In other news the Blood-Hunt Terrorist groups main leaders & command have been captured forcing most of their group to surrender, the rest are in hiding.[/spoiler]

that’s all for this night folks, be sure to follow up as updates may occur on social media accounts and our official website

A new statement was just released by Prime Minister Ernest Jericho.

The Recent actions on Kolosians Borders have been disbanded & borders are now fully open without background Checks.

He stated that “These recent actions are no longer being used & with the approval of the parliament, Invasion of Privacy & Monitoring Crossings on the border is made illegal in Kolosia”.

Any official who violates this will lose their current status & server a maximum of 1 year in prison.

The Kolosian Government apologies for this invasion of privacy & confusion amongst Zukchiva, & any of its neighbors.

With that settled Kolosia now has full open borders once again.