Language Preservation

The General Assembly,

Recognising that the transmission of scientific knowledge, culture, and civilisation itself is almost impossible without language;

Saddened that many languages, and their attendant literature, are becoming extinct through various processes;

Mandates that nations shall conduct regular surveys to ascertain what native languages are spoken within their borders;

Requires nations, in the course of these language surveys, to–

  1. record the alphabet of the language, or, if no written form of the language exists, to work with native speakers to create a standard transcription of the language,

  2. describe the linguistics of the language, so as to ensure it may be understood fully by anthropologists,

  3. record all notable works of fiction and non-fiction in the language if not otherwise recorded, and

  4. deposit all information gathered with the Universal Library Coalition.

Establishes the International Language Research Centre, the main aim of which is to process and conduct research on the data gathered through language surveys;

Allows nations to request professional aid from the ILRC for the purpose of conducting language surveys;

Urges nations to support research into all aspects of languages native to their territories, beyond that required by this Resolution.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Language Preservation

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Language Preservation was passed 10,898 votes to 3,080.