Leniency for Insane Legends

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Friend of the Court Brief Concerning Sentencing in the Case of The East Pacific Vs. Insane Legends

In recent trials this court has found that when charges are leveled upon a nation they are often unaware of the great damage they have the potential for causing. The East Pacific Vs. KaylinQ stands as an example of this.

In light of this precedent and the historic precedent of nations being impersonated by rulers not speaking for them, I would encourage leniency.

Insane Legends has already offered to repair damage caused by acting as the Minister of Education, a role for which there is a desperate need as evidenced by these proceedings. Perhaps a probationary period could be established during which the representative would prove their desire for positive interaction in the region by fulfilling this role.

Respectfully Submitted,
Commander Kreft
Defender of the Wachovia Coalition
Un Liaison for The East Pacific

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Should we give Insane Legends Leniecy?

I want him to answer my questions first.

Honestly, I don’t buy his excuse. But if he’s willing to serve, then we can consider a probationary sentence.

First I’d like to know what the prosecution is seeking. I’ll talk to Loop.

One more thing - before appealing his conviction, there has to be a sentencing hearing first. One thing at a time, guys.

Oh my apologies, I thought you already gave him his sentence.

I think some leniency in this case is called for, but not too much. My reccomendation is an 15-week probation, and a suspended 6-month ban. If during the 15 weeks there is reason to suspect further plotting, the ban will take effect and a longer one will be considered. After 15 weeks the sentence will be considered served, but futher coup attempt or suspicious matters will be a new crime, thus not subject to double jeopardy.

I’d like some other ideas though.

Well if this is the only plan for now than so be it.

Sounds fine to me. I might only suggest to make it 12 weeks(3 months) instead of 15 as its easier to remember but either way its fine.