Liberate California

The Security Council:

Illustrating the diverse and distinguished history of the region of California over the past thirteen years;

Noting that, despite having experienced severe adversity in the form of numerous invasions throughout their history by diabolical forces of evil such as DEN and The Invaders, the communities of California have continued to soldier on and maintain an active and impressive regional culture;

Valuing this aforementioned culture far above the self-interests of “defender” groups to “protect” a region by preventing further invasions through the use of an impenetrable wall, which would shut down all culture and activity and effectively obliterate the regional community;

Appalled that the offender militaries of 10000 Islands and Yggdrasil have occupied California via stealth operation in order to begin the process of wall-building without consultation with long-time native residents such as Cleo and Topaz, Allied States of Demokratia, and Neu California;

Determining that such relentless actions would prove to be ultimately detrimental to the maintenance of community, activity, and culture in the region of California;

Exemplifying these “relentless actions” as the massive ongoing occupation and the forcible ejections of well-meaning native nations such as Valistria from California;

Requesting that the Security Council looks past the deceptive word of “defender” and focuses instead on the preservation of flourishing regional communities; thus, hereby liberates California.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.