Liberate South Pacific


KNOWING that two large raider organizations are in the process of destroying South Pacific, one of the earliest regions in the world,

NOTING that South Pacific is a region of great historical importance, having been founded fourteen years ago,

RECOGNIZING that an invader sleeper nation was implanted in the region over four years ago, for the sole purpose of seizing control of South Pacific,

CONCERNED that the raiders are intending to refound the region within a short time,

KNOWING that those raider regions could password and destroy the region at will,

APPALLED by the methodology which the raiders are using to taunt and terrorize the native population, notably the implementation of mock trials to target and eject unsuspecting natives,

FEARING that the inhabitants of the region will soon all be forcibly banned from their home, without any hope of regaining it ever again,

COGNIZANT that the Security Council must act with haste to save a region in great peril,


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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The Security Council resolution Liberate South Pacific was passed 15,336 votes to 2,156.