Hello everyone! I am new to The East Pacific!

I was just reading the Guide, and noticed they had some questions to answer.

How did you find NationStates? Well, a really time ago ( a year?) I used to play under Trowlsland. I didn’t do well and quit playing. My Government teacher told us about this game and I decided to play again.
How long have you played NationStates? A few days, since the creation of Lighton.
What inspired the name of your nation? I have no clue. Seriously.
Have you joined the World Assembly? No, I have not. But I am planning to do research on it.
What country are you from? I am from the USA. Not too proud to say that though… Maybe, I should just say Basically Canada. Especially considering my state would rather be Canadian than American.
Do you like watching the news? Very much so!
Do you like studying the government in school? Yes! I have been a Government Buff since I can remember! I memorized the states and their locations when I was two and the capitals for each state when I was three!

Other: Please consider me new to this game. I was never in depth when I first played long ago.