Looking to learn from you guys

I have joined this region with a puppet nation as I would like to learn from you guys to improve my home region NationStates | The Allied Republics. I am Secretary of State over there so deal with a lot of issues that affect the experience of citizens as well as running several businesses including my own newspaper which ye shall all see later at some point.

I am also looking to do some head hunting for anyone that would like to get involved in our politics or even between write for my news paper as we are looking to do more news about other regions instead of just ours.

So feel free to tell me about the region or just about your self.


Secretary of State - The Allied Republics
CEO - Citizens Cooperative Corporation (CCC)
Available via Skype @ challenger_JAG


Well I don’t mean to brag or anything but uh…I’m sort of the Provost and therefore A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON and I’m also sort of the Ambassador to The Pacific and Balder so yeah needless to say I’m sort of a hero around here

Gives the Magisterium the Evil Death Stare to Agree and Reminds Babiana that his job is on the line!!!

No biggie…

smiles I’m EM; enough said. Lol. Jk.

Welcome to TEP! You can pretty much ask anyone anything NS related and we can answer pretty much anything!



Cool. Welcome to The East Pacific.

Hail the Sovereign East!


Devont just reminded me I have duties has his deputy to make sure magister applications are rejected (or accepted) in a timely fashion :wink:

Please please have a good look around and get involved in any threads you take a shine to. You may already be aware, TEP has always been famous for its depth of roleplay threads.

If you want to do Internet Relay Chat come on #tep_chat on espernet.

You want to know who is important? We are Pax.

Welcome. Learn through assimilation.

Hello! And Welcome.

May your joy be pleasant and stable, providing answers to your pressing questions.

As always, we are willing to answer your questions.