Making the RP real!

I apologize for the late notice (I kept saying that I’d post this message after I RP posted, but kept forgetting), but it seems that, starting tommorow, and going until the first or second, I won’t be able to continue my forum activities.


Yes, thats right! I leave for San Juan tommorow, in order to set out on a ten day cruise with all my uncles, aunts, cousins…and everyone else connected to me by blood.

Now, moving past my glee at the prospect, we move into the darker portion of my going on the cruise. For the next ten days, I won’t be able to post a thing on the forums (Unless I’m lucky enough to reach a computer). I apologize for the inconvenience, and for the short notice.

In order to minimalize the RP impact, I’ve decided to do the following:

  1. Increase the survivor ratio of the flooding in FPS to around 30 or 40 million, meaning that FPS will be totally absorbed in its own rescue operations for say…ten days? Thus giving me the IC excuse I need to get away.

  2. Jill Ronin, my charactor in the Orbital Academy thread, is going to experience an unexpected and unforseen side effect of the crash, and have to be taken back to the hospital for treatment (I’ll make the post on it later today). Again, getting me out of the RP for about a week.

  3. I’m hereby giving Wachovia the authority the close down the FPS election thread, and declare a winner, at whatever time he feels the voting has come to an end. I ask for at least two days, Wachovia, but after that, its totally up to you when to close it and declare a winner. Note that I am not choosing Wachovia for a personal reason, but am making this decision as RP moderator, based on information that I cannot release.

  4. Um…I can’t think of much else. But hey, if you guys got any questions about other things I’m involved in, ask, and I’ll find me a way out.

Lucky. You get to do that.

At least, in June, I get to visit Singapore…and see the FPS from afar! :slight_smile:

It woun’t be the same with out you. Too bad you’re going to miss my latest thread… Best wishes and Happy (Insert Holiday Here)!

— Begin quote from ____

It woun’t be the same with out you. Too bad you’re going to miss my latest thread… Best wishes and Happy (Insert Holiday Here)!

— End quote

Heh, Happy Festivus to you too.

Have a great time. I believe in the thread you mention leaving it open for two weeks. Unless it becomes super clear that is undoable or I misread the thread, that’s my plan.

Alrighty then.

And, on that note, let me mention taht I misread the date on our tickets, adn were not leaving till friday.

This is it! My flight leaves tommorow morning at 8! From this moment on, Jill is in the hospital, FPS is in a period of inactivity due to the election, and alternate FPS is totally absorbed in its own rescue operations.

For the next ten days, ICly and OOCly, I’m gonna be gone. Just a note, however, if totally necesary, you guys can just RP for me (I think it wouldn’t be too hard to guess what my nation would do). Otherwise, FPS will return in ten days!

5 days later
New Anchorman
“And in the new today, The Free Pacific States are now fully assimilated into the Packilvanian Hive. What a glorius day for everyone!”

Heh. Somehow, I saw that coming. I’d try to make a smart come back but at this point, I don’t think its possible. All I do know is that the Virgin Islands are great. I haven’t had this much fun since…well, not in awhile. At the moment, I’m accesing via an internet cafe in St. Thomas, so I might not be able to respond on all threads, but I’ll do what I can.

Although it’s late, Merry Christmas everyone, and if I don’t reach a computer again, Happy New Year!

Im sure a vacation to the EP would be better.

— Begin quote from ____

Im sure a vacation to the EP would be better.

— End quote

Yeah a vacation to the RP East Pacific would be fun… provided you avoid all the wars, disasters, weapons of mass destruction, Space-born laser weapons, crashing space stations, rampaging cylons, fridge owl attacks, alcoholic squirrels racing cars against fridge owls, cyber warriors in your cell phone, Key-fu Ninjas, ducks with bombs strapped to their feet, and somehow manage to NOT be assimilated into the Packilvanian Hive. It could be fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah during a heavily Peace oriented time the EP woudl be the greatest place to vacation,
and WE do have the Worlds Fair coming up,

as soon as WC gets the press release ready, we can start Hyping it up.

ACTUALLY, the time before the great war was REALLY quiet…

Yup we were really peaceful just border skirmishes and all.

Well now, we had some small stuff going before the thread, the High School RP (Thats now dead), and such, but the war…I mean, WOW. We went from having nothing active to having seven active and related topics in two forums revolving around the war. It was GREAT…and thats not including the news articles that came from it.

Anyways, I’m now in St. Luisa of the Virgin Islands (Don’t ask me why their called virgin islands…judging by what happens there, the name really doesn’t fit), and it kicks ass. I mean, really kicks ass. I won’t go into specifics at the moment, I can do that when I get back, and I’m not on bought time (literally) in an internet cafe…but, I can tell you, its great.

This time around, I’m paying 5.50 an hour, so I should be able to respond to more of the topics then I did last time, but again, I may miss some, and I might not be able to reach a computer again for the rest of the trip (its .50 a minute on the ship, WAY too much for my tastes).

Now in Barbados, and have about fourty minutes…I’ll post where I can, with whatever length I can imagine…I have to admit, though, I’m finding it a bit harder to RP some of my charactors…I’m simply not in negative enough of a mood to see their viewpoints!