Monte Belle

For far too long, our country has isolated itself from the regional politics of a place we’ve always called home, but with new stability, we hope to engage ourselves as active citizens of the East Pacific.

Monte Belle is a courteous, liberal country and we hope to find great allies in our region.

Welcome to the East Pacific’s forums, Zyber. (Or would Monte be more appropriate?)

First and foremost I suggest checking out the region’s concordant and ratifying it. (Though now I see you just did that, lol.) I suggest there after, if you plan to role play [something that’s very fun and a good reason to stay active on the forums], I suggest immediately after checking out the, see it in After you have, if you see a plot you’d like to claim, go to do so.

Either name is fine, thank you for your help :3

No problem at all. Neighbors are meant to help each other, after all.

Hey there, how goes?