My availability this fall

As the start of my fall semester fast approaches, I’m forced to confront the reality that it’s going to be very rough. I may only be taking twelve credits, but somewhere between half and all of them are pretty much guaranteed to be nasty. On top of that, I’m auditing another four-credit course that’s going to eat up a lot of out-of-class time and trying to piece together the disparate parts of a graduate school application(s). This means putting together a portfolio, studying for the GRE, squeezing letters of recommendation out of people, and trying to figure out what I have to do with my statement of intent to make it glow with the sparkly light of heaven.

In short, I’m not going to be on all that much. My semester will require me to regulate my out-of-class time a lot more than ever before, which means cracking down on things that tend to eat up said time. Expect not to see me on AIM, forums, etc. except in the late evening of American time. If you see me on at any other time, bug me about it. I will also probably be heading to bed earlier and not being on for chats long after midnight.

I am not leaving, quitting, retiring, or any of that. I will do that when the game stops being interesting and stops containing people I care about, and I don’t see any sign of either happening anytime soon. I will still post in threads, answer questions, and perform the various duties I have around here. I just cannot afford to be on around the clock; I am too easily distracted and too poor at time management. If you do message me on AIM, etc., do me a favor and have something to talk about. I am quite happy to chat about RP posts and regional foreign policy and whatnot, but I cannot afford to sit there for hours trying to squeeze conversation out of people who only want small talk.

Thank you for your patience. I know many of you are in the same situation.


Wouldn’t it be simpler to bring forth the mutant hordes and rise up against the human opressors.

Good luck with everything, I think many people here can sympathize.

Good luck. Dominate that GRE.

Good Luck. Your workload sounds scary

You could deputise a couple of people, lighten your workload here. Get them doing things like summaries and record-keeping.

I can relate - this semester will be a rough one.

Good luck, though

Yep! I’m totally going to die too! Wee, see you all in the afterlife!


And everyones talk has just reminded me that my years gonna be a tough one at school. GCSE year, oh joy. At least I’ve got a few early entires outta the way. I now have two GSE’s, at A* and A, and have finished six modules in science, all at A*.