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The Nalt Aggregated News Reports is a nonprofit organization operating from their headquarters near the northernmost shore of Nalt’s North Island. The purpose of the Nalt Aggregated News is to sort through and collect information from all of Nalt’s various press and select stories of extreme interest and present them in a summarized form. The NANR occur irregularly, as there is not always noteworthy events underway. The NANR, however, is a trusted source of news and is followed closely by many agencies outside of Nalt.

Two major criticisms of the NANR have been made since the organization’s recent inception.

First, the news aggregation is blatant copyright violations in the eyes of many. The founders of NANR dismiss this charge since they are a nonprofit and do not market or advertise their product, leaving plenty of room for profit for news organizations.

Second, the NANR was founded shortly after Ivanoff’s coup and the well circulated rumor within the NANR’s readers, is that NANR is anti-Ivanoff, and though they do not write the stories, may be more prone to find stories ‘of extreme interest’ if they reflect badly on the Ivanoffs.

Sunday September 8, 2013

Protest Over Working Conditions Turns Violent

Port Abba Times :

Protest outside Novikov Industries main facility entered its third day yesterday, and took a slight turn toward violence.

Novikov Industries, a major producer of residential heating and cooling units, was the site of a platform collapse which killed a worker, whose family has requested to remain unmaned.

Protestors are calling for more regulations on industries and more regular inspections of facilities for safety. Novikov has hired its own in-house inspectors, and released a statement expressing regret and clarifying “Of course our employees safety is our number one priority.”

Grand General Ivanoff was asked about the incident in a press conference yesterday. Ivanoff said the incident was a tragedy, and he felt for the family, but that Novikov Industries was facing a drop in stock prices sure to anger stock holders, and an upset consumer, not to mention any litigation. Ivanoff does not support greater regulation, and said the marketplace was the place to voice anger at Novikov, not the streets.

Upon hearing his comments, the crowd of protestors chanted angry slurs at the General’s words. Several cars were vandalized and the Novikov security building at the outskirts of the facility suffered minor damage. Thirteen protestors were injured when police moved to break up the riot, and one Novikov security guard remains hospitalized after being attacked by protestors. Investigations into the identity of the perpetrators are underway.