Names your Pet will answer to,

Well, as we all know you give a pet a name and inevitbaly it will not be wht you call it,
My cat,

a 6 year old Tortie does not answer to her name anymore she will however answer to
Puss Puss
Hey you
Nyan ko
Diddle Diddle (my niece used to call my old Manx this when she was a kid and it held over)
and other stuff I cannot think of ant the moment.

What do your pets answer to?

well my pets still respond to there orginal names and nick names. i have a dog and 2 cat.

my dog Acorn which is 2 responds to:
Akey Breaky
Akey Baby

my female cat Little-Bit which is 9 resopnds to:
Little-Boo Boo

my male cat Blondie which is 7 responds to:
Blondie-Boo Boo

if you noticed all my animals have some type of Boo in there nick name and don’t ask me why, but it all started when i was younger so it just stuck onto my dog when i got him.

My mum’s dog knows its name, Peaches, very well but it seems to respond better to the clanging of the dog chain ahead of walkies…

My cat answers to no name.

I cannot post this due to the name being eddited-

When I was younger, I had our family dog trained to respond to “Dog.” He didn’t seem to mind and it really did fit.

No pets at the moment.

I had a cat once, I called her Stinky, even though her name was Sneakers. She was older than me, and had a serous case of kitty cat dimensia. She wouldn’t respond to her name, so we’d call her Stinky Cat, Kitty Cat, and Cat!!!

For some reason nowadays, I yell “CAT!!!” whenever I see a cat, but that’s another quark I aquired.

In other news:

Kitty Porn is out of control!
Might make an ad out of this. And I think I actually understand the whole Kitty Porn thing. Besides being a bad play on words, I had this idea a few years back that Playboy would be shut down and start catering to Playpet was the joke, but everyone though I was crazy! Well I showed them! :lol:

— Begin quote from ____

everyone though I was crazy! Well I showed them! :lol:

— End quote

:wtf: :blink:

Starts backing away from Imatron


It’s a long story dating back to my days in middle school.
In college, I came up with a new twist on relativity. I hope to post it soon.

back in the middle to late 90’s I had a dog, he was the ugliest dog in the world,
I called him Hound, my family all had rottweilers and called them stuff like Harley, of butch, or, in the case of teh two females, Lady,
I was making fun of them one day and they were like
You just call your dog hound, lets see you think of somethign better.

I was like I already didn, hy dongs full name is
Hound who walks the moors at night collecting the souls of those who perished there.