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New Content-control program to be put on all personal computer systems from today; Government hails new era of internet safety for citizens

A new law has been enacted by the National Assembly requiring all personal computers to have a Government approved content-control program, designed to block access to harmful material on the internet. The law mandates that the new “NetDam” program must be on all new PCs sold from today. A secondary clause in the law requires existing PCs to be running the software by this coming July. The software is designed to deal with increasing concerns that the centrally managed filters on network infrastructure may not be coping with the amount of information going through the nations internet connections. The new software will be designed to run locally on each PC, reducing the strain on the networks and allowing access to faster speeds in general on all internet connections through Nahris.

The plan is also to deal with the increase in hate speech that is circulating on the internet to the various ethnic minorities in Nahris. It is hoped the NetDam program will deal with this as well. Speaking to the Nahrin Enquirer, Secretary of State Pamela Wyatt said that although access to information was considered a right, protection from discrimination and bullying was also important. “We believe that healthy net use is good as it allows people to educate and better themselves. But we also believe we need to protect the minds of our youth from poisonous ideas that may affect them making informed decisions in later life, especially with regards to crime, racism and political extremism.”

The first few PCs with the NetDam program have been sold today at a store in Rightsbath, New South Germany County. It is hoped the software, being provided for free at Government expense, will be used on 90% of the nations computers by June.(Story continues page 5)

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Im threats “Empty”, says Cuthbert; Bai Lungese criminals deported for visa non-compliance; Pre-emptive defence on cards

Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert has responded to a statement by President Im, leader of Bai Lung, regarding recent moves to start deporting Bai Lungese visitors and citizens. In a 15 minute address to the National Assembly, Cuthbert regarded Im’s threats as “empty” and warned against Bai Lungese interference in internal Nahin affairs. In the statement, he also criticised other nations indirectly for interfering in internal matters.

“Of recent, I noticed a disturbing trend in other nations to attempt to destabilise a decent, honest, hard working nation. We have done nothing to warrant such attention. The Republic of Nahris is based on firm principles to keep its people safe from harm and prejudice. We warn all nations, especially Bai Lung, not to interfere in what is our internal matters and we will in return not interfere in their internal matters. If Bai Lungese citizens wish to stay and do business with us, they are expected to do so in line with our legislation, just as Bai Lung expects any visitor to abide by their rules. We do not see any particular issue with deporting law breakers and will continue to do so.”

Meanwhile, a large group of 500 Bai Lungese immigrants were arrested for non-compliance with working holiday visas. They were also charged with multiple felonies including public drunken behaviour and assault. The immigrants will be deported tomorrow on a series of special flights to Bai Lung. Another 200 were arrested in the city of Morris in Morris County for non-compliance with holiday visas as well as multiple charges of petty crime. This group have been detained in a immigration holding centre prior to their fate. A police spokesperson for the National Nahrin Police Force issued a statement advising that the recent arrests of Bai Lungese immigrants and visitors was not “tit-for-tat” based on recent statements from President Im and were instead the culmination of 2 months of investigation and follow ups of complaints of law breaking activities. “All law breaking immigrants would be treated in the same way. The NNPF does not practice and never has practiced discrimination,” the spokesperson concluded.

In anticipation of potential issues with Bai Lung, Nahrin Defence Forces have diverted resources away from the disputed Herman islands and have instead directed to a state of readiness to defend against possible Bai Lungese incursions. And NDF spokesperson indicated this was only a precautionary measure and was not a prelude to war.
“The only aggression shown by any party in this dispute is the Bai Lungese. We are not prepared to fire the first shot in any instance.”
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Penalties for Religious materials increased from today;“Citizens have a right to protection from religious extremists” says Cuthbert

The penalties for the unauthorised distribution of printed and electronic religious materials, including books, pamphlets and emails, is to be increased from today. An amendment to the “Control of Religious Publications” act, 1989, has been raised from $2000 Nahris Dollars and 2 years in prison, to $8000 Nahris Dollars and 10 years in prison, both which can be reduced by half by option of a rehabilitation class on the importance of Secularism in Society. The new amendment also gives the judges options to deny offenders the option of attending the rehabilitation classes as a stricter corrective measure. The move was prompted by protests against a group of evangelicals, the Deborah Society, who were found guilty of unauthorised circulation of copies of the Christian text, the “Bible”, in several hotel rooms in the nation. The protests called for stronger, more punitive measures.

The amendment also clarifies the position of Nahrin Laws with regards to religious texts, regardless of methods of distribution, as a form of hate speech and takes into account inflation and the nature of some religious extremists who may not be following the laws of the nation. Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert hailed the move a success, indicating that “There can be no favouritism when it comes to dealing with religious extremism. A lot of these ideas are implanted through unauthorised distribution of texts such as books, pamphlets and emails and we cannot allow this to go unabated. The citizens of this nation have a right to protection from religious extremists and we will provide it.”

Lawyers of the 10 members of the Deborah Society indicates the group plans to appeal. However legal precedent with regards to religious matters indicate the Supreme Court of Nahris may not grant this due to the nature of the case.

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Clamp down on liability disclaimers comes into effect today

An amendment to the Liability Disclaimer Act, 1993, comes into force today, making it harder for companies and organisations to use loopholes in current legislation to avoid liability under Tort law. The move was made following the case of a man being injured by a DIY construction project that he was attempting after seeing details of it being given on the internet. The organisation responsible, the Rightsbath DIY Club, managed to avoid being sued after successfully arguing in court that it had provided a Disclaimer that seemed to take advantage of several loopholes. The Rightsbath DIY Club will now be subject to a retroactive interpretation of the law and be fined $4,000 Nahrin Dollars for causing injury to the person involved.

Member of the National Assembly for Rightsbath East, Fred Jonathan Simons, praised the move, saying that too many companies were trying to avoid their responsibilities of safety and security to the public. “This should be a stern warning to all those trying to evade facing the law when it comes to people getting hurt or killed by publishing malicious information or not designing products to proper standards.”

(See page 5 for more info on how the amendments affect you)

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Government demands return of Junta watch

President Emma Jones and Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert have lodged a joint official protest with the Bai Lungese Government calling on the cancellation of an auction of a watch that was gifted by the dictator General Alan Theodore Smyth to the Nationalist Junta in Bai Lung during the '50s and '60s. The watch, which was crafted by the then National Nahris Jeweller Company in 1955, was offered as a gesture of goodwill to the Bai Lungese General Kong Chi-Hom during a two day visit by Smyth, is considered to be the last surviving artefact from the era of the Nationalist Junta in Nahris with Smyth’s likeness, all other such gifts and artefacts with having been destroyed in previous years.

The watch, which is due to be put up for sale by an Auction House in Bai Lung, has been the source of much controversy between the Nahrin Union and Bai Lung, with what little diplomatic relations between the two nations deteriorating during the dispute over Bai Lungese immigrants and visitors. Bai Lungese President Richard Im has indicated he would be willing to consider cancellation of the auction and returning the watch to the Nahrin Union in return for his nations removal from the Restricted Travel List to which Prime Minister Cuthbert refused, demanding instead immediate return of the watch without any preconditions. The impasse is likely to continue until either the return of the watch or conclusion of the auction, in which case Cuthbert has not ruled out putting further sanctions on Bai Lung until such a time where the situation is resolved.

(Analysis by our political commentator on page 2)

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“No preconditions on return of watch” says Prime Minister Cuthbert

Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert has responded to an offer by the President of the Republic of Bai Lung, Richard Im, to return a watch given by dictator General Alan Theodore Smyth to the Nationalist Junta in Bai Lung in 1955 by indicating that nothing except a return of the watch “without preconditions will satisfy the nation”. In a statement released by the Office of the Nahrin Prime Minister, Mr. Cuthbert warned that failure to comply with the request would result in further sanctions against Bai Lung.

“The request for the Bai Lungese Government to return Nahrin State Property without preconditions is a reasonable request. We are not demanding reparations, nor apologies or even any further concessions of any sort. We simply wish the return of an artefact that belongs to the nations of the Nahrin Union. We warn the Republic of Bai Lung that there are international regulations that control the sale of property that belongs to other states and ask the President to respect these regulations. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee further sanctions will not be placed on the Republic of Bai Lung as a response to any auction of the watch.”

The move comes as 121 Bai Lungese were deported for breaking conditions on their holiday visas. The individuals involved were found taking paid employment when their visas banned such actions. The 121 Bai Lungese were escorted by armed guard onto a specially chartered plane that then left for Bai Lung.

(See page 6 for more comment on the Junta Watch dispute)

Revised birth control program to come into force next week

A revised birth control scheme encouraging women to have abortions and men to be sterilised in return for money, tax breaks or credit on various services is to come into force next week. Under the current scheme, women are encouraged to either avoid becoming pregnant via the use of contraceptives or if they are already pregnant encouraged to undergo an induced abortion instead of carrying on with the pregnancy in return for either $210 Nahrin Dollars or a flat rate tax break of $2.50 Nahrin Dollars a month covering eight months, with the same being offered to males who choose chemical or physical sterilisation. Under the new scheme the amount of cash is increased to $400 Nahrin Dollars. Tax breaks are modified to 0.1% to 2% of the individuals annual income for 10 months depending on their circumstances. A new option has been added to provide discount credit and vouchers for certain services and businesses such as travel agents and shopping malls.

The move has been made in an attempt to bring the population of the nation down from the 80 million mark to a more manageable figure. Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert warned of the consequences of not bringing the population to a more manageable level. In an address to the nation, he challenged critics of the policy and encouraged those to sign up to the program.

“The environment, economic and moral ramifications, should we allow the population of our nation to go unchecked, would be so severe, so dire, that any of our future progeny would never forgive us for the neglect and irresponsibility should we not take action to deal with the situation now and bring our population back down to a more sustainable level. To all those, both domestically and internationally, who would accuse this policy of being ‘less than natural’ I remind them that our nation has finite resources. We cannot afford to squander them any longer. Time is not on our side and we must do all we can to prevent a greater catastrophe befalling our nation. So I ask all of those with doubts to put them aside and support this initiative to preserve our nation for future generations.”

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“Herman Isles situation under control” says Prime Minister Cuthbert

Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert has rubbished claims by the opposition NDP leader DM Anderson that he has mishandled the Herman isles situation. The Prime Minister took the unusual step of calling an ad hoc press conference shortly after DM Anderson gave a speech from the steps of the Nahrin Nationa Assembly Buildings. Mr. Cuthbert indicated that the opposition leader’s comments were untrue and that the NLU was handling the situation as best as it could given the circumstances.

“Mr. Anderson seems to think that simple acceding to enemy demands will stop them from harassing us. He is very much incorrect in this assumption. We must hold firm with regards to the situation in the Herman isles otherwise other nations will take advantage of our weaknesses and try to put us in situations which we are uncomfortable with.”

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New requirements for Permanent Residency status come into effect

New requirements for those wishing to settle in the Republic of Nahris permanently without claiming citizenship come into force today. The new requirements include a maximum residency period of 10 years for all permanent residents, a new maximum period which residents may leave the country before they lose their status, previously 2 years, now 1 year, a requirement for all permanent residents to be ordinarily resident in the Republic of Nahris for 6 months per calender year and a requirement to carry a new biometric ID card on them at all times.

The new requirements were brought in place after concerns were raised that immigrants from other nations may be deliberately trying to avoid integration with wider Nahrin society as well as concerns that permanent residents are circumventing obligations required of citizens by not taking up citizenship themselves. There has also been concerns that permanent residents from certain nations may be deliberately using their status for criminal activities.

Speaking exclusively to the Nahrin Enquirer, Joanne Phelps-Harkins Head of the Nahris Immigration Department, says that the new requirements were brought in place due to concerns regarding the behaviour of permanent residents from certain nations in the Republic of Nahris.

“I will not name names, but certain nationalities with Permanent Residency status have been causing problems in the Republic of Nahris. We cannot continue to ignore the abuses, especially crminal, of the status they have been given, which should be considered a privilege and not a right. In light of this, we have decided to reform some of the requirements and obligations that Permanent Residents have to our nation. This will apply equally to all permanent residents regardless of their nation of origin. I understand some may be concerned about the bluntness of the measures we have taken, but this is the fairest way to implement the new requirements.”

The requirements will apply retroactively under a special dispensation granted by President Emma Jones, at the advice of Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert, as an exception to the Ex Post Facto Ban put in place by article 11 of the Constitution. The new requirements mean that Permanent Residents nearing the end of their 10 year term will be given the choice of either naturalising as a Nahrin citizen, subject to a character check and acceptance of their responsibilities and obligations as a citizens on a special contract, or they will be returned to their nation of origin. The new requirements also give the Government the right to revoke permanent residency status with immediate effect on any residents at any time as well as establishing a maximum stay period for any permanent residents, limited to a total of 10 years.

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Government denies rumours of internal strife; Prime Minister blames “external factors and nations”

Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert has blamed outside interference for rumours that the Nahrin Union may be facing internal strife after protests flared up in the city of Road-of-the-North, Franco County, against the proposals to make English the medium of instruction in all educational establishments. Cuthbert explained that the proposals were not new and were merely a reinforcement of existing laws that were only lightly enforced due to the high rate of compliance in previous years. The increased enforcement was only brought in after it was discovered schools and tertiary educational establishments in Franco County may be illegally teaching in French. Protests were held after community leaders and several teachers were arrested for the violations. Cuthbert also commented on his thoughts that external influences may be behind the protests.

“Many other nations have been critical of the way the Nahrin Union conducts it’s domestic affairs despite the fact it is, frankly, none of their business. We do not comment on anyone else’s internal matters so it beggars belief why we are being targeted. It also does not help that many nations would possibly revel in seeing the Nahrin Union undergo a massive upheaval in the social cohesion we have worked hard to maintain, be it for economic or political reasons. We warn these nations now that their attempt will fail.”

Speaking to the Nahrin Enquirer, Education Secretary Shane Holden explained the arrests were made not necessarily because of the use of a local minority language as the medium of instruction but more because the staff involved were not following legally mandated guidelines regarding teaching.

“If the teachers involved approached us with a request to use a language other than English for teaching purposes, we would certainly look into it, especially if it has a beneficial effect. As it is, however, they did not follow established practices and to be fair we must apply these guidelines equally even if it means using disciplinary measures.”

The protests have since been dispersed and the Government warns any further civil disobedience will not be taken lightly.

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Missing Smyth era Watch turns up in Nahrin Union after smuggling ring raid

A missing watch presented to the Bai Lungese Military Junta from General Smyth in 1955 has turned up on Nahrin shores after a raid by the National Nahrin Police Force on a suspected smugglers den in the Sara Autonomous County in the north west of the nation. The watch was found amongst a large collection of other watches, jewellery and several large quantities of controlled substances. The NNPF say 5 males, 2 of foreign citizenship, have been arrested at the scene. The Smyth era timepiece, originally given as a gift of friendship and goodwill to the then Bai Lungese Military Junta, was then confiscated by the Communist dictatorship led by Chen Jong-sun after he led an uprising against the Junta. After the fall of the Chenite regime, the watch was caught up in an acrimonious diplomatic row between the Nahrin Union and the new Free Republic of Bai Lung, where President Richard Im refused to return the watch until certain concessions were given in return.

The news that the watch is now back in Nahrin hands has been welcomed by Prime Minister Kenny Cuthbert. Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Enquirer, Mr. Cuthbert said that, “It is good news that we have recovered the watch without any further difficulties. As a result, we are considering what to do with regards to it’s further treatment. We may, rather than destroy the watch as per our initial plans, leave it intact and store it in the national archives for security.”

The 5 males arrested at the smuggling den are thought to be part of a larger pan regional criminal network and will be charged later today with Evasion of Import Duties and Possession of Controlled Substances.
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More Bai Lungese immigrants deported in visa crackdown

Around a thousand Bai Lungese have been deported in a new crackdown on visa non-compliance. The individuals have also been charged with several minor crimes, ranging from theft to administration irregularities, such as failure to supply proper details on landing forms and non-compliance with holiday visas. The Bai Lungese have been removed from the country as part of a new fast track process aimed at removing foreigners who have outstayed their welcome in the Nahrin Union. The moves comes amidst the loosening of Restricted Travel List sanctions on the nation. A spokesperson for the Government’s Foreign Affairs Department denied that the deportations would result in a mixed message to the Free Republic of Bai Lung.

“All those who have breached the conditions of their visa, regardless of nationality, will be dealt with in the same firm, but fair manner that we have always used in the past. The only difference now is that instead of being detained for several weeks, even months without closure, deportees are now being processed in a matter of days in most cases. This is to minimise any distress caused to them.”

The thousand Bai Lungese immigrants are due to fly back to Bai Lung on specially chartered planes tonight.

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