Nations for Sale

Are you just starting out in NationStates and wish you had a bigger nation? Are you tired of being rejected by regional assemblies because your nation is too small? Now, you can rise to a population of over 1 billion, by taking possession of one of our already developed nations, available as a primary UN nation or as a puppet state. Deitus, Inc. is in fact the leading inter-regional trans-national corporation in the purchase and sale of NS territories. Yes, you too, can have a bigger nation today. Don’t wait! Operators are standing by to take your call.

Man that is as idea I have like 80 puppets I could get resurected if folks wanted one.

Hehe, I remember when that was big a while back, and now it is back? EMazing. xD.

I remember when we had Ralph Spoilsport New Used and Used New Nations, in the region of Emphysema.