Nationstates 2


O_o is this fsho, or am I dreaming -> ?

… I signed up.

Oh, I can see it already.

“Pay 100000000000000000000000000$ for subscription, or you can’t have custom flags, etc.”


I’m sure anything free in NS1 will be free in NS2. Leads me to wonder, what are theses paid for features.

I’ve read the FAQ, and now I am convinced, that this won’t be good.

— Begin quote from ____

NS2 is a sequel to NationStates, taking the nation sim game we know and love and injecting it with with major new features, such as War, Trade, Alliances, and greater customization.

— End quote

Ah, the famous war feature. This will cause a great drift or whatever between the nations.

— Begin quote from ____

NS2 will be free-to-play. However you can also upgrade your account, which will grant access to premium features, or even purchase these features on a one-off basis, via credit card, SMS/text message, and PayPal.

— End quote

That means, that those will be not too important things but it will annoy you, unless you pay.

I’ll jump in asap! can’t you imagine, folks?!? we’ll have a 5-millions-citizens kandarinese federation! it’s our chance to assault them and take over malev!


nah… i think it will work like travian does. you can ACTUALLY play for free, but if you pay, you’re far stronger…

Aww I don’t want to pay… The good thing about NS was that you didn’t have to pay to do well. But with NS there wasn’t really anything there to pay for.