Neu Arkia Claim

Ignore the crossed out cities, I made this at 1 am and went absolutely ham with cities. Poor Tuva.

Nation Name (long): Neu Arkia
Nation Name (short): The Democratic Republic of Neu Arkia
Abbreviation: NEAR

Motto: “Power to the worthy.”
National Animal: Bluejay
National Flower/Plant: Douglass Fir
National Anthem: “Praise to the New Republic! Praise to the Leader!”

Capitol: Nervin
Largest City: Nervin

Demonym: Neu Arkian/Arkian
Language: Arkian, minor amounts of Asendavian and Norgsveldian
Species: 97.8% Human, 2.2% Other.
Population: 36,442,067

Government type: (A rather corrupt) Oligarchic Republic
Leader(s): The Neu Arkian Council
Current Council Members:
• Erkhard Steiner
• Georg von Lörrundy
• Mattausch Blecher
• Hans Alder
• Wilbert Björnsson
Legislature: Neu Arkian Chamber of Law

GDP (nominal) 20XX estimate (USD/$): 728.841 billion
GDP per capita: 20,000

Formation: 2018, with the collapse of the old Arkian Republic.

Drives on the: right
Calling Code: 305
ISO 3166 code: NA
Internet TLD: .na

Currency: New Arkian Note (NAN)
Top Import: Oil
Top Export: Timber