Neutrality of Nations

After a long vacation, somebody in WA decided to work again so, here i am bringing to TEP the newest resolution at vote:

Neutrality of Nations

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Charlotte Ryberg

Description: ACKNOWLEDGING that one of its roles is to promote world peace;

The World Assembly,


  • It is a right of any Member Nation that is uninvolved in a said war to make a formal claim of Neutrality, and;
  • A Neutral Nation must be protected from Belligerent Nations, provided that they observe obligations to justify its neutrality.

DEFINES, for the purpose of this Resolution:

  • War as a armed conflict between two or more Nations;
  • A Neutral Nation as a nation that has formally declared itself neutral before the World Assembly with regard to a specific state of war or hostility existing between two or more other nations, and;
  • A Belligerent Nation as a nation that is currently involved in said war or a nation that is supporting the armed forces of an existing Belligerent Nation.
  1. MANDATES that Neutral Nations may not:
    a) Harbour, aid or provide for armed forces of any Belligerent Nation or its military allies, including but not limited to: Air, Naval or Territorial Forces (but see §4);
    b) Actively or covertly act to assist or support any armed forces or agents of an active Belligerent Nation or its military allies, through force or other means of supporting military action;
    c) Conspire to influence the outcome of the said war regardless of the level of secrecy, except where efforts are made to mediate or negotiate a truce or peaceful end to the conflict;

  2. MANDATES that Belligerent Nations may not:
    a) Invade or occupy a Neutral Nation during the said war, unless the World Assembly is convinced that doing so will actually improve world peace.
    b) Exploit a Neutral Nation for the internment of Prisoners of War, treatment of wounded, storage of dead personnel or other war-related activity without explicit and mutual consent of all involved parties;
    c) Enter a Neutral Nation to resource supplies for military operations, such as weapons, personnel, armaments or agents, or;
    d) Act in any other way that may threaten the neutrality of a Neutral Nation.

  3. MANDATES that Neutral Nations may not, for the duration of the war in question:
    a) Directly or indirectly engage in trade or exchanges, of any kind of military supplies: goods, weapons, agents, equipment and personnel with Belligerent Nations, and;
    b) Acquire goods, domestic or military, obtained by Belligerent Nations through military operations.

  4. CONSIDERS the status of neutrality to be invalid:

  • If any part of §1 or §3 is knowingly and deliberately violated;
  • If a nation wishes to end its status of neutrality at any time, or;
  • If the war which neutrality is sanctioned on ceases to exist and the WA is satisfied that a similar conflict will not break out for a sensible period of time.
  1. RECOGNIZES the right of neutral nations to allow Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to operate from, travel through or stage in their territory, for the purpose of delivering Relief Aid to civilian populations and the military wounded, but recommends that casualties receiving humanitarian aid should not be returned to the Belligerent Nation until after the war.

EMPHASIZES that a Neutral Nation may at their discretion, adapt any of the measures above where appropriate to protect themselves from Belligerent Nations outside the scope of the World Assembly, involving but not limited to: Diplomatic efforts and sanctions, or economic/trade sanctions.

APPLAUDS Nations that avoid armed conflicts for the purpose of world peace.

Co-Authored by Wolfish.

How will i vote? Just look at my flag in NS! I´m against anything that promises disarmament! I sincerely hope this resolution gets nuked!

For those who want discuss this at WA forum, the link is:

Hmm I dont know Neutrality is just a way af using your Hippy Shield when it suits you, kinda like some reprehensible female did in game.

For. I’m getting fed up of being dragged into one sided wars with larger, more powerful nations…:stuck_out_tongue:

Against. Violates my citizens right to free enterprise.

Last Decision

The resolution Neutrality of Nations was passed 4,910 votes to 2,509, and implemented in all WA member nations.

Bad WA!