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Greetings all, Heres the lastest update on regional affairs from the PRP!

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May 16, 2005

May elections are gearing up, and here are the candidates and what offices they are vying for.

Province Aurora Borealis: 1838 and Dawn and Sun

Province Francos Spain Memorial: Gordonel (Unopposed)

Province Honorem et Libertas: EntireEurope (Unopposed)

Province Pax Pacifica: Mussolandia (aka The New Duce) (Unopposed)

The election battle between 1838 (SWATH of ADN) and Dawn and Sun (Old Lutheran of the Meritocracy) has been on of the most hotly contested. Originally, 1838 ran un-opposed, but did not disclose all previous nations and affiliations. As such, 1838 was barred from taking office. Now, filing under a complete application, has created a fire-storm of controversy between PRP hardliners and moderates. The discussion has never been as lengthy, and the outcome of this election will affect the direction of the AoG for months to come.

Interestingly enough, The New Duce, governor of Honorem et Libertas, has left his province and ran for Pax Pacifica. He said he switched provinces to “get a little competition.”

Two governors are not seeking re-election. Daedelus, Regent of Aurora Borealis, and Desetland of Pax Pacifica. The AoG has passed several pieces of legislation without Desetland’s signiture, and it was noticably absent on the AoG’s latest proclamation against trolling and flaming.

The Pacific has also redone it’s FAQ to be easier and more accessible to the public, along with a new org chart of the Pacific, showing clearly the separation of powers in the Pacific.

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Updates from the Republic

June 3, 2005

Nations: 7,420
Senator of the Delegacy: Unlimited

Domestic Affairs

Governor elections have been completed, with our highest voter turn out ever, 25 ballots.

Here are the results of said election:

Province Aurora Borealis
Dawn and Sun

Province Francos Spain Memorial

Province Honorem et Libertas
Entire Europe

Province Pax Pacifica

The Republic congratulates the new governors, and looks forward to a productive term of office.

Sedarva has been chosen as President of the Assembly of Governors. He has set the update of the judicial code and public participations at the top of his agenda. The Republic looks forward to the fruits of the Sedarva administration.

In a side note, Tar A’s bum received four votes in a write in campaign. Congratulations Tar A!

Foreign Affairs

After much work, the Pacific Interactive Forums, built by the Pacific Cooperation Organization, has been completed and opened. The East, Central, and South labored long and hard to create a place for all Pacificans to come together in solidarity. Chief Architect Mammothistan is very tired, so please, do not disturb his nap.

Several new embassies have been established in the Pacific, including the USK, Aberdeen, and Scroll Islands. The Republic welcomes our new ambassadors, and hopes that this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship

The Union of Sovereigns has had a new protectorate join our ranks. We welcome One Big Island, and hope they grow to become full members.

Office of the Delegate

The Senator of the Delegacy, the Vanguard, has expressed his support of true freedom and democracy in the North Pacific, and finds the marginalization of the NPC, the elected and sovereign government-in-waiting, appalling. While we will not change our stance of neutrality, we give our moral support to the true government of the North Pacific. May the blessings of freedom and liberty be upon all.


Sir Paul, director of PNN, has to leave his home state of California, and may not have Nationstates access until mid-August (late-August, worst case scenario). As such, PNN has set up a Wire Service in the Pacific Press, so that PNN readers will still be able to have access to news.…?showtopic=1806


While there are always foreign threats against the Republic, we have never been more secure. The Militia is more active and strong than ever, and, according to Kandarin, the pre-Franco Pacific Native (Crazy Girl) has left the game. This means that, by Alliance Defense Network rules, there are no Natives left being oppressed to call for an ADN invasion. While the Republic is sad to see Crazy Girl leave the game, the Republic can now rest safely at night, for if there were a glitch, and the ADN did liberate the Pacific, who would they return the Pacific to? As such, the citizens of the Republic are the true natives of the Pacific, and we rejoice in the claiming of our birthright.

(Assuming, of course, they didn’t call a constitutional convention on a brand new forum, and exclude members of the current regime from taking part.)

The Ministry of Security has also been establish to help keep our citizens safe.


The Pacific Historical Society is happy to announce the creation of a haiku archive, where the talents of our citizens is displayed.…?showtopic=1740

There has also been a revised interest in roleplaying, thanks to the efforts of the United States of Sintmaartinia. RP conflict in the Pacific has finally come to fruition.

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Updates from the Republic

July 22, 2005

Senator of the Delegacy: Unlimited
Current Delegate: Mammothistan
AoG President: Sedarva

Domestic Affairs

Regretfully, the Republic recently experienced a trial. Much like weapons of mass destruction, implements of justice in Nationstates are built with the hope that they will never be used, for the outcome is never desirable. Such an outcome happened, which resulted in the resignation of the high judge and re-commissioning of the Senator of Diplomacy in the person of Black Adder. It was learned that several elected officials had conspired on a guilty verdict before hand to remove Zelera, a person who is both a member of the Pacific Underground and a citizen of the Republic.

Due to this incident, new legal legislation has passed through the AoG and Senate, the New Administration of Justice Act of 2005. It established the position of Minister of Justice (appointed by the senate and confirmed by the AoG). It continues the tradition of Delegate pardons, and established lower courts for the provinces (the MoJ has the right to appoint a provincial judge for each province, to be separate from the Attorney General). The text can be found in the Palace of the People. The Senate and AoG have selected Pierconium as the Minister of Justice.

New Administration of Justice Act of 2005

With the anniversary of the Revolution approaching, the Palace of the People has taken time to reflect on the direction of the Republic, and how it can be made better. On every anniversary, a new wave of reform washes over the Pacific, creating a more perfect Union. Unconfirmed sources in the government indicate that the discussion in the thread will help guide future legislation, including possible provincial reforms, new offices and expanded elections.

Foreign Affairs

The Republic is also pleased with the growth of the Pacific Interactive Forums, a meeting place for the South, East, and Central Pacifics. The three regions have never been closer, and the Republic looks forward to the continued celebration of our shared heritage.

Gatesville, the largest player-created region in Nationstates, has formalized a full-alliance with the People’s Republic of the Pacific. The region rejoices with the signing of the bi-latteral treaty!

Office of the Delegate

The Senator of the Delegacy, the Vanguard, has noted that due to real life constraints his online time will be severely limited over the next few days. He instructs Citizens of the Republic to continue on in the spirit of the revolution, and has instructed Regent Mammothistan to carry on in his stead while he is away.


PNN director Sir Paul has found a way to access Nationstates from Washington, where he is currently trying to have PAFTA (Pacific-American Free Trade Agreement) approved by the Senate before the August recess. The dairy lobby, lead by California senator Barbara Boxer, has noted that Americans need to protect the infant cheese industry from more efficient Pacific producers. Even though Sir Paul has access, his time is still very limited when dealing with these economic “girly men” and PNN will delay its third season until August 14th. There will still be articles published by staff and wire service reports.

The objectivity in an old article “Rejected Realm Rejects Democracy?” was called into question on the Rejected Realms Forums. The Director of the Pacific Press asked for specific suggestions that would remove any perceived bias from the article, but none was given. The Director wishes to inform all parties that it is PNN policy to keep the Pacific Press a well respected and authoritative news source (as opposed to tabloid publications) and takes any claims to the contrary seriously. If you feel that an article is not living up to the journalistic integrity that the Pacific Press strives for, please respond either in the articles thread or PM the Senator of Media Affairs of the Pacific, Sir Paul.

Relevant Thread


Militia elections are around the corner, as Senator of Internal Affairs Warrior Thorin is setting up the oversight committee. The Republic looks forward to another election of another fine militia commander.

The Republic’s Ministry of Security has moving into high gear, with prominent members of friendly foreign regions being seen coming and going out of this facility. The cooperation between various regions and people from all over Nationstates makes the Pacific the center of the intelligence world, and a clearinghouse for our allies and ourselves to defend against subversion.


The Senate is currently discussing an appointment to the empty office of Minister of Culture. A candidate for confirmation not expected for at least a week until more pressing business is attended to first.

Written by the Senator of Media Affairs, Sir Paul

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Huge reforms have been made to the Republic, from the Senate and AoG, I give you:

Hail the Pacific! This is a GOOD day!

I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Updates from The Pacific

November 1, 2005

Senator of the Delegacy: Comrade Mammothistan, Protector of Pacific Society
Current Delegate: Mammothistan

General External Affairs

The Global Summit on Mutual Security and Stability is nearing the passage of its first resolution regarding protocols on liberations, defenses, and raider-play. Delegates have taken the resolution to their home regions for a thumbs up/down decision.

While the delegates are waiting on their regions, a discussion on region building has been started, and defining legal region building is of interest to many of the delegates.

Bureau of Pacific Investigation


Foreign Office

Senator Black Adder has been busy, as The Pacific has recently had 5 embassy requests. They are being opened as soon as possible, and affordable housing in the Capital is being cleared away to make room for the foreign dignitaries.

Ministry of Security


Pacific News Network

Senator Sir Paul is currently on a semi-sabbatical, and hopes that a new school of journalism in the University will help increase reporter numbers to facilitate better and more frequent reports.

General Internal Affairs

The University of the Pacific legislation has passed the Assembly, and is currently under discussion in the Senate. It is expected to be sent back to the Assembly with amendments tomorrow.

The Assembly is also finishing up work on amending previous Republic legislation to conform to the Reform Act of 2005. Much of the old legislation was clarified so that citizens and residents can better understand the laws of the region.

The Provinces

Nearly all of the Provinces have adopted official names, (Aegis Pacifican, E-L, Pax Pacifica, and Tantus Pacificus) as soon as official forum descriptions are sent to Censor, they will be updated to reflect their new titles. Provincial governments are showing activity and fervor not seen before the reforms, and the governors, Lt Governors, and citizens should be commended for their hard work. Now that Lt Governors are present, the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization will no longer be accepting citizen application directly from the people. People should now approach the Lt. Governor of the province they wish to join should they desire citizenship.

The Ministries

The Ministry of Finance now has GUSTO up and running for the Republic, and encourages nations to switch their currency to the Franco. The Ministry of Gaming has been a welcome addition to the region, breeding activity. The militia is continuing training via Warzone missions, and the ministry of culture, coming off of a successful Feast of Black Adder, is preparing for the new University.