New here, where do I start?

Hi All!

I’m new here and would like some direction as to where to start. :unsure: Would love to interact here!

Pick a region to rule…

Ha, nice Pack.

Hoop will likely come along with some ideas but here are a few:

ask Pack if you can join the senate - open to any nations in the EP

find a role in the gov’t - there should be elections soon for a number of positions

jump into roleplaying. - there’s a cruise going on and some cold war hostilities resulting from some recent EP wars

have fun - we’re in real need of some fun links and general topics in the non-roleplay forums

Well, welcome to the forum and the game, Sabriana.

You might want to check out these threads:

I think everyone’s said everything that needs to be said really. I’ll just go off and sulk… <_< :wink:

President of HoopHoopland :fro:

P.S. Tip of the day: Enjoy the smileys. The rolling hamster is the best :ham: