New Nabbers

hello TEP I am New Nabbers.

we intend to live among our neighbors in harmony, and are interested in getting involved.

the conclave looks quite interesting as does some of the RP if I could get some guidance on how to get myself involved.

anyway, we are here to stay. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TEP

Hello! I see you have decided to join us. Please take a look around and have fun!

Welcome to TEP!

As far as guidance goes, we have kind of an easy going learn-as-you-go style. If you are interested in RP, then just jump right in! Everyone is very helpful and relaxed, so if you have any specific questions or concerns feel free to ask any of us. One of the easier RPs to get started in could be “Shiro Academy”, just come up with a character and join in the fun!

Where the “government” side of TEP is concerned, you’ll have to stick around for a bit to get involved there. The Magisterium elections are just being held now, so the next ones are held in three months. That should give you plenty of time to see how things roll here and where you would like to get involved. There is always the Citizen Hotline to bring concerns/ideas to though!

Once again, welcome, I hope you like it here.

dashes in and skids to a halt

I heard someone was interested in RP!


Welcome, New Nabbers! :slight_smile: