New Nation Claim-Almodaria

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    Nation Name: Federal Republic of Almodaria
    Nation Name Short: Almodaria

Motto: The Stronger We Are, The Longer We’ll Stand
National Animal: Almodarian Tiger (Red Tiger)
National Flower: Golden Almodaria (Looks like an Orchid but gold in color)
National Anthem: Not sure how I’d put it here but the song is called “Carry the Colors to Victory Brother!”

Capital: Tuvaria named after the leader of the secession Ali Tuvari
Largest City: Aranistan which is the largest fishing state

Demonym: Almodarians
Language: Staynish with a deep accent that sorta sounds like Bosnian accents irl
Species: Human
Population: 18 Million as of typing this. Last Census was in October

Gov Type: Federal Elective Centrist Democracy
Leader: Formally it was Leo Skavardi but as of typing this we are led by a Regency Council
Legislature: State House of Parliament in the capital
Formation: Current Government was created in 2002 after seceding during a bloody civil war

Total GDP: 713 Billion Almodats (Currency)
GDP Per Capita: 36 Thousand Almodats
Currency: Almodat

Calling Code: 404
ISO 3166 Code: AL and ALM
Internet TLD: .AL

Historical Summary: We start our story in the year 2002. Almodaria used to be nothing but an idea that was put into motion by a group of resistance members who declared war on their overlords and successfully gained independence and formed the Federal Republic of Almodaria. The first House of Parliament wasn’t founded until much later in the history of the country and was ruled by the Regency Council of Welfare until 2016 when the State House of Parliament formed in the Capital City of Tuvaria which itself was named after the leader of the secessionists. The first parties were the Futurists who wanted to Progress Further in technology and welfare and the Traditionalists who followed some of the same principles of the former government and refused to technologically advance. Other parties would form like the Workers Party of Almodaria which is the main Socialist/Communist party but hardly gains attention. Life in Almodaria after freedom wasn’t great with unemployment high and the massive damage from the war destroyed infrastructure needed for Trout Fishing which was the main industry of the country. Corruption skyrocketed during this time until the Congressional Conference of 2020 met and made the first version of the United Almodarian Constitution which brought the broken people together under a pro Almodaria Nationalist order that formed into the Federal Republic we see today. The Second Congressional Conference of 2022 finalized the Constitution into it’s current form which allowed more freedom with political parties (Allowing fascist, or monarchist aligned parties) and made Parliament the only entity allowed to make votes on laws leaving citizens to choose a president only.

(Note: I will change this as I learn more about the lore and will edit it as advised by Pagwah on the discord)

Following a vote on the 15th of November 2022, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 7-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.