new nation formed

i just formed my new nation and thought to introduce myself. any advice on getting started would be gratefully recieved. thanks

Hello there and welcome to The East Pacific! As for what you can do in the region, here’s a post I made for such an occasion:

As for what you can do in the game, that’s entirely up to you. There are many dimensions to this game and certainly no clear-cut way to ‘win’ or ‘lose’. Some get involved in the world assembly and vote / create proposals for nations to abide by, some nations invade regions and try to take them over while other nations prevent them from invading said regions. Some nations partake in roleplay and determine how their nation works by writing about it with other people - we here in this region do this quite often.

And that’s just a small sampling of what you can do. Truly, the possibilities are near endless. It really depends on what you want out of this game.


Another name has arisen from the sea, this is the way of nationstates.