Hello, pleasure to meet you all. I come to you from the nation of East Spiralia. We’re a peaceful, advanced, socialist democracy… and we came to RP!

See, I’ve RPed before, but only as single characters, and I’ve never gotten the chance to RP a nation. So I want to try it, I think it’ll be fun as a barrel of monkeys. No, make that two barrels of monkeys. That’s a lot of fun right there.

So I started my quest for a semi-active RP region. I hunted, and looked, and searched, and dug, and couldn’t come up with diddly-squat, until I thought to check the non-player founded regions. Sure enough, I found TEP, and signed up quickly afterwards.

So, you’ll be getting to know me and my nation pretty well over the next weeks and months. Hope I become a quality contributor to the region and the forums. I’ll sure try.

Welcome to TEP, Ender!!

As I’m sure you already know from your searching, you couldn’t have found a better region for RP. We are more than happy to have anyone and everyone jump right in with us, and come play with our multiple monkey barrels. :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to seeing you around, and participating in some RPs with you!

Welcome to the TEP! We hope you have fun!

We have a lot of ongoing RPs happening.

There’s my thread, Coronation, where my nation’s leader is travelling around, establishing relations with other nations.

There’s Todd’s thread, War of Illusions, you can join as well, although the war is over now, but your nation can still send humanitarian aid.

Or, you can start your own thread.

Again, welcome to the fun-loving TEP!