News 54

                                 The Goverment of United Malordia has sent expeditionary team and surveyors to one of the two island in the northeast off the coast of the island the goverment have picked the southern part of the island for tourism economic zone and a city and nature reservation in the island + hotels for a possible beach and amusement park in the city to facilitate that zone and after the expedition and survey.
                                 The survey has been a success the surveyors and the expeditionary team sent the information theres hills and a flat rolling plains for the city. Now the goverment has now claimed southern part of the island as a sovereign territory of united malordia (here in the circle).
                                 The name of the city have been decided it is City of Charme Construction will be funded with Goverment funding SOE and private corporations and retail industry for hotels and luxury apartments and incentivised social housing along the coast of the city.



The goverment allowed formation of liberal news tv the goverment also allowed mutiple parties to be formed no longer a triopoly into a multiparty state the president have fired and arrested several people in and other parties and all goverment ministries for corruption and replaced the judge in Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of United Malordia forther investigations will continue in corporate entities in united malordia and the goverment have crackdown on gerrymandering.

The liberal news and new political rights are protected with no limitations.

President have arrested party members for corruption.

these people are corrupt are now spending life in prison punishment and all parties who are in the corruption also in life in prison

The goverment have passed anti corruption laws such as Corruption prevention act and ACO-P-I (Anti-corrupt organisations and Prevention and investigations act) to clean the goverment and the economy from corruption.



The president and goverment has announced new laws to protect and expand political rights and proper ellections and have crackdown on officialls that makes ballot manipulations and arrested more people all parties included within his own party for corruption like bribery and kickbacks. the goverment have sized and Have seperated companies related to the previous dictator’s president you are allowed to criticise the goverment and the president.

ballot manipulation is now 25 years in jail without breaks. and the goverment have released political rights activists and wistle blowers
you are also allowed to critisize the parties with no restrictions the goverment allowed usage of quote marks on news agencies and unblocked news sites that criticise the goverment.

The govemrent also takes steps to take the military out of united malordian politics other than defense and security internal and external.

This move by the goverment is to ensure proper democracy in united malordia and so we can also be in the IRSA (a security and trade organisation).

the goverment is considering economic cooperation with the UNAC,NCEF, SH and, packilvania. giving them investment upportunnities an incentives.


The Goverment as announced new plans investment on Honor City and Honor City metropolitan area revitalisation And MRT lines for suburban areas of the Honor City Metropolitan Area and the goverment new civil rights pack unblocked several articles from liberal news and right to a fair and public hearing.

Right to privacy with some exeption investigation of potential terrorists and criminal investigation and crackingdown on arbitrary arrest and detential of officers and lawyers right to freedom of expression, freedom of thought, securing right to liberty with no discrimination and no diofference between rich and poor and freedom of association right to peaceful assembly the goverment new suicide rescue line and making it cheaper for therapy and new emergency line 711 for police ems and fire you are in rehab if you miss used this line.

the goverment cracking down on propaganda and banned propaganda and laws innocent until proven guilty with this the goverment increased investigation on police and police chiefs across united malordia and corruption within the force and the goverment and military.

The President is planning for state visit to major countries such as the Great Morstabilya South Hills and Packilvania and for packilvania the goverment is planning for economic cooperation and investment into united malordia.


Breaking News! there is a car bomb in Behayeen Bridge which an official car tour thing (OOC: IDK I FORGOT) Is this an assasination attempt? the president and the vice president is safe bingolian authorities are investigating who did this how did they did this one of the problems maybe of the rampant corruption in the military and other possible terrorist groups! while he i visiting and having talks with packilvanian leader in economic cooperation and trade for the greater prosperity of our nation(s).


In Other news city of silkhand City near the border of Honor City city limits had proposed planned and allready designed for a long time and engineered a very very tall structure a the tallest structure on the planet for tourism and symbol of progress of our country have been allowed to be built named “the tree of life”

It is connected to the city’s local tram and greater metro area metro network and express tram network ment to connect metro areas with high speed tram network program is currently succeding this tower is in the one of the metro area network and will also include seperated safe bike lane and large bike parking. and inlin with international climate regulations. and efficient use of energy and the construction uses Graphine concrete (mostly).

these engineers are from the locally and internationally renound University of Honor City and Foreign Engineers from SB and SH.


The Goverment Declared the first stage of the North-South Coastal High Speed Rail has Finished The rest of the North-South Line is planned to be constructed in stage two of the project the goverment have engineered and created home made trains for the project and its a quality train from the state owned United Rail Corporation the name designation for the HSR train is the UR4000NF the design speed is over 400km/h with a 3-phase AC induction motor and 25 kV 50 Hz AC Overhead catenary standard gauge track.

the ticket prices for the hsr ranges from 350,000 UMR ₹ to 150,000 UMR ₹ thats around 22.69 SH$/18.44£ - 9.72SH$-/7.90£

The construction of stage two starts next 5 or more months the goverment plans. the goverment also plans for more political reform and protection and more representation the goverment now declares a multi-party system will be formed and freedom of choice is now protected and available for the people of united malordia.

the president plans for a visit and talks with the norgsnyveldet goverment later on after the test run is finished for the United Malordia High Speed Rail. and goverment announces military programs to build more modern equipment and military aircrafts and better training and even has military training program to cooperate with the The military of the United Kingdom of Morstabishlya


news 54

after returning from packilvania the president said he was alright and fine he said “there was an attempt at assasination” he also said after that we met up with almodarian embassadors we successsfully traded tanks inturn oil and they ordered 30 M-22 LIGHTNIGHT main battle tanks that we currently manufacture."

The president also plans to announce more political reforms coming in the roadmap and initiated united malordia coastal highspeed railway stage 2, honor city metro east west corridor, Honor City LRT north south and east west routes, and honor city grand island resort to be initiated for construction and several expansions, extensions and upgrades to other cities in united malordia and construction of new public transit.

the president announced new bank regulations and housing regulations to gradually slow the housing construction industry, the goverment aided the people and the banks with money as to prevent a housing bubble collapse.

the goverment is giving tax credits and low interest rate incentives for businesses to increast higher quality service industries to setup in united malordia and the goverment is giving incentives to increase domestic consuption with incentives to people the goverment also plans to increase efficiency on the national electric grid for united malordia and anti blackout plans.

president handoko and the vice president has announced plans to visit and talks with norgs to stabalize relations the president also sends a message to the united malordian embassy in packilvania to the prince. that basicly just to calm the prince down and not worry the prince as the president’s effort just to stabalise relations.