News flag please


Well I don’t know were to turn. Myself are rather lousy with creating flags. I started out with a big flag with a grammofone. Somehow the flag got real big after upload… don’t know why. (Then after speaking to Loop he told me [Violet] liked deleting nations with so big flags… why I don’t know. People can be so cruel)
Anyway, I managed to minimize it by doing a new flag. Right now, I would say that I should be happy with the one I have but…

Well… Somehow it misses the geist. The problem is that I don’t really know what I want.

What do I want? Something that breathes news…
Something entirly new. I have had that grammofone since the creation of 04 july. It should atleast say RadioWorld FM303 on it and mayby even WorldNews… I don’t know anything about colors, I would gladly leave that over to the artistic department.

I am not interested on having the gramonfone on it, I should be something else… I just don’t know what.
Another thing is that I would need is a new avatar for the enviroment as these… Right now I use the same flag as on the nation. But I would want something other, mayby. Don’t know.

Do you guys want the job? :unsure:

right now my flag looks like this
Thank you for reading,
Jerome Hawkins
RadioWorld FM303

how are these?



Both are nice. Could you possible get them in some sort of color? When covering a battle you really need an flag that everyone can see before they start shooting at you.

how is this,