Nominations for Interim Provost

As per the rules of the Magisterium, I hereby open the 48-hour nomination window for the Interim Provost. They shall serve out the remainder of Zukchiva’s term until the next election cycle.

— Begin quote from ____

Section III. Provost and Deputy Provost wrote wrote:…3.1- The Magisterium shall immediately act to appoint a Provost from among its members;

…3.1.1- An election is to be held whenever the position is vacant or at the end of the Provost’s three-month term; to be orchestrated by the previous Provost or a representative thereof.

…3.2- When the position has become vacant, a 48-hour period for nominations is to be held. A Magister may decline nomination for the position of Provost.

…3.3- The Magisterium shall then vote for a period of 72 hours and the candidate receiving the most votes shall be elected as Provost.

…3.4- The Provost shall name a Magister as Deputy Provost, who shall assume the Provost’s duties temporarily in the case the Provost is absent for more than 48 hours for any reason.

— End quote

Please nominate by making a comment below. Any name that is in red means that they have rejected their nomination, while any in green means that the member has accepted nomination, self nomination counting. Any members nominated that haven’t accepted or rejected their nomination will be put in italics.

Eligible Nominees:
Davelands - Temporary Provost
Todd McCloud

To get the ball rolling, I would like to nominate myself.
I also nominate Tim.

I second Dave’s nomination, and I would also like to nominate myself.

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I second Bachtendekuppen’s nomination.

The nomination thread is now closed.

There are two nominees for Provost

  • Davelands

  • Bachtendekuppen

The election will be open shortly.