Noralind National News Network (4N)


After years in isolation, the great nation of Noralind has finally opened its doors to regional politics.

Noralind, A remarkable nation of intelligent, compassionate, and free individuals made their homeland the number one priority. They refused to engage in diplomatic relations until a stable, responsible, conscious government had been formed.This tried and true government now sees fit to enter the world of TEP diplomacy.

With a rocky past, and a fresh perspective, Noralind hopes to bring what it has to offer to TEP and help in any way it can.

But this reporter is questioning the resolve of the leader of Noralind. In the past, the leader has been known to take long leaves of absence where little change occurs. In a quote from Parliament Hill, the leader assured his commitment to Noralind and the region ;

   "I am now, and forever will be, as dedicated as possible to the people of Noralind and our many brother nations within The East Pacific. And i will do everything within my power to uphold our Concordat and our way of life." - Right Honourable Leader of Noralind

And with that we leave you, the well educated Noralindiese public, to form your own opinions.

Noralind Picking up the Shovel in public Works Efforts.

All too often in large and growing nations are the older and established communities left to the wayside in public spending.
Noralind, after realizing some areas of the nation’s infrastructure were in need of repair, has been diligently working to bring all of the country up to the same high standards Noralinders deserve.

Some have raised the issue of why and who as far as the spending of tax dollars go;

" I don’t see why we should be paying to upkeep a municipality on the other side of Noralind, perhaps roadworks and such should be a municipal responsibility?"- Sarah Crowe, a resident of Sudmaraline, South Tract.

“We live in a less populated part of our Tract, the municipal budget just cannot cover the expenses of infrastructure over our vast conurbation. There should be a fair split between where the money comes from.”- Adam Hickey, of the Milneford Hicky’s, Northeast Tract.

Those are just some of the local opinions of the nation. And with them in mind, our nations leaders are deciding how to pay for the construction that is well underway.

And with that we leave you, the well educated Noralindiese public, to form your own opinions.

Noralind Now coming to the New age of Openness

In the past The government of Noralind had been keeping its records semi-private meaning all record is public, but not freely available nor easily accessible. Following the nations entrance onto the regional stage, Noralind’s government has seen fit to publish all of its archives onto a freely available public forum.

Clerks, Typists, and Archivists are currently busy transferring the hard copy transcripts to the new Noralind Digital Database (NDD) under the responsibility of the Ministry of Archives and Public Record (MAPR)

The previous system in place had the records being printed in triplicate, and each Tract was to have a complete record held in the Capital Conurbation’s Central Archive or Library. This system had been an inefficient and expensive practice, which only served to benefit Noralinds Book Publishing sector, currently the largest sector in Noralinds diversifying economy.

Here is what one Noralinder had to say:

"It’s about time for noralind to come about to 21st century technology and practices. And im glad to see we’re updating all of the records, but at what cost? Firstly, these changes could have been made gradually, and secondly what will this do to our book publishing industry? We’ve been making copies of the archives for years, how will we account for that lost business? - Matt Depatie, NorCove , North-east Tract

Which is a valid point we’d expect from any Noralinder, but Ministry of the Economy (MOE) spokesman Andre Michel has explained the governments ability to make this change and avoid any losses to the publishing industry;

“With Noralind now trading on a regional scale, our efficient publishing services will be chosen over other nations more expensive alternatives. If anything, in the next few years, the archive printing would have been an unnecessary burden on the sector.” - Andre Michel, Cairho, Centralibus District

And with the records on such an easily accessible medium, foreign countries will be able to analyse our practices and choose whether or not they want to adopt such policies.

And with that we leave you, the well educated Noralindiese public, to form your own opinions.

Noralind Finalizes National Flag

For decades Noralinds national flag, the black and white, has flown with great honor and respect above our Nation.
But as we all know from first grade history, the good O’le black and white was only meant to be a temporary solution to a seemingly unimportant task of our fledgling government.

But now, as the issue was raised in the Hall of Representatives, its about time the flag had an update.
Since the flag has an endearing history with our citizens and servicemen, Noralinds MPN was sure to preserve most of the original design, first modifying the dimensions, to accord with an international standard ratio of 2-1 length to height. As for the only real update made, the Minister of the People of Noralind Kelsey Welch had this to say:

“As our government had taken over from Noralinds former government, the Noralindese Royal Family, we sought fit to represent their contribution and cooperation in the creation of this great nation. So the Crown of Noralind was added to the flag, a solid black figure, to represent some of the darkness of the times before Noralinds renaissance, and a mirrored image in white to show what light the Crown may shed even in our modern times.” - Kelsey Welch, Minister of the People of Noralind

Here is what a Noralinder had to comment:

“There was nothing wrong with the old Black and White, that being said however, the size adjustment, and the inclusion of our Royal heritage does give a better representation of the people and of the nation.” - Brittaney Lamothe, Woodsworth, North Tract.

A poll is currently being taken by StatsNor to collect international opinions on Noralinds new flag.

First Olive Branch Extended:

Today marks Noralinds first attempt at international relations within The East Pacific.
Channels of communication are hoping to be opened between our great nation and The Grand Duchy of Reziel, our neighbor to the north. In excited optimism, leaders of the North and Northeast Tracts have commissioned roads to be constructed to the boarder of GDR.

It is hoped, that Noralind will find a great trading partner in the GDR, and an even stronger ally.

The Prime Minister had this to say:

“My people, it is with great hope for our collective futures, of Noralind, The Grand Duchy of Reziel, and of The East Pacific, that we begin the process of developing our international relations. And may we all look forward to a brighter tomorrow, for Noralind will no longer be a nation state of one, but a small part in a much greater force for good!” - Prime Minister Robert W. Derusha

And that is the very sentiment of all Noralinders, an optimistic outlook on what is to come.

New Minister of the Environment to take office this week.

It has been a long term as the Minister of the Environment for Bill E. Joss, who turned 65 this year and decided to take his optional retirement early. The ME for twenty five years, Mr. Joss created a significant amount of legislation to help safeguard Noralinds environment. He helped erase the impact our soft wood lumber industry had on the forrests in the Northern Tracts by introducing selective cutting, and suggested MOE give incentives on reclamation efforts. Mr. Joss served Noralind well, and we thank him for his dedication to us , and to Noralinds luscious environment.

“It has been a good 25 years, but after protecting noralinds natural splendor, i think its about time i enjoy it. Besides, im leaving my office in more than just capable hands, but a capable heart.”-Bill E. Joss, Former Minister of the Environment

But now we must welcome our new ME Brittaney Michelle Lamothe. Mrs Lamothe has spent her last seventeen years working within ME, her latest post being the head of the Department of the Watershed doing her part to protect Noralinds vast wetlands. Her most notable accomplishment was to create an initiative to develop new Hydro Electric dam technology which allowed over 25 million hectares of land to be reclaimed from dam reservoirs.

“Noralinds Environment is at my uttermost importance, and I will not disappoint .I am very honored to be elected to fill Mr Joss’s position I will work diligently to continue his legacy.” - Brittaney M. Lamothe, Head of Department of the Watershed

With that attitude and the blessings of her predicessor, she was the obvious choice for the Prime Minister to make. And we hope for nothing but continued commitment to the nature of Noralind.

Before Mrs. Lamothe can take her seat, she must first be approved by the Hall, the vote takes place on Wednesday which is expected to pass. If all goes smoothly she will take office on Friday.

All quiet on the northern front

It has been nearly a week since our nations government attempted to make contact with their counterparts of the Grand Duchy of Reziel and there is still no sign of reply. Reports from the boarder towns of Eagorn, Plainstrow and Eastborne, all paint a picture of guarded skepticism from citizens of GDR. As some residence do commute and conduct commerce already with GDR we do know some of what is happening within the GDR. Here is a quote from a citizen of Thergorn:

“Its been business as usual for me, but there seems to be an air of mistrust between our peoples at the moment. Sure we still trade along our boarders via The Reiz, but not in the same blissful atmosphere as before. And i sure would like to know why.” - William Joy, Thergorn, Northwest Tract.

Our reports indicate the same phenomena occurring all along the border, we managed to get a statement from a traveling citizen of the GDR:

“Let me tell you what this is all about, its all about your plans to build a tunnel between your nation and Infinite Loops. That would devastate our grand shipping community, and force a recession from all of the cheap imports that will flood our market. So when you feel like you’re getting the cold shoulder, remember, its just us returning the knife you so poignantly placed in our backs!”- Elxander Bertrand, of the Grand Duchy of Reziel

While it is true Noralind plans on contacting Infinite Loop and proposing the plan for a rail link, the minister of foreign affairs has stated that “Noralind would never make any concrete plans without counselling with all affected parties first.” Mary Kerr, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Besides, as the minister of the Economy has noted that our own shipping industry would suffer from such infrastructure. And what would most likely be agreed upon would be a commuter tunnel for high speed passenger trains, connecting our great nation and continent to the west rim of island nations through the Infinite Loop.

In the meantime, our two governments must begin communication at once, to avoid any more misunderstandings such as this.


It is with all a due fanfare that legendary explorer Caitlin Kirouac and her party embark on their perilous journey beyond the glass desert. No man has dared venture past the great monoliths of silicon since the doomed mission of Sir Mitchell Patterson in 1884. But now with the new technology of radio positioning systems, RPS’s, and more advanced materials and equipment, (insert name here) is confidant their voyage will be successful.

“I have faith in our fortitude, and our capabilities, and I am confidant we will once and for all know what lie beyond the glass desert.This will be the most important endeavor I have ever undertaken, we have the opportunity to discover new lands, or even new peoples !!”-Caitlin Kirouac, Lankshire, West Tract.

Scientists have determined what caused the creation of these great glass monoliths lining our western boarder, a paper will be published within the next few days with all of their findings.

Within two months we expect to greet Caitlin after completing her journey, until then, all eyes of Noralind lie on our western border in anticipation.