[NOTICE] Hopefully, that last time :) A Notice

Hi everyone!

I’d like to resign from the Magesterium\any official anything. As spoken privately to several players, I have been gradually trying to quit NS for a number of reasons (lack of time, real life priorities, frustration at some of the NS wide admin issues, frustration at some of the NS wide player issues that allow certain players to thrive even after disingenuous and OOC bad behavior such as weaponization of admin\ooc\etc).

I was invited to TEP by several players but most clearly by Yuno and enjoy our friendship. I also really appreciate the RP community in TEP because they inspired me in so many ways (although more places should allow mermaid RPs :P).  EM is probably the best person I know in this region for listening to my one million random thoughts.

Everything seems stable now and I hope it remains that way. I also do hope some of the issues with government and admin are looked into.

Good luck and hope 2020 is a lovely decade for all of us :slight_smile:

Thank you for your efforts, and best of luck.