Greetings from Novabronco!

We are a new nation (a few hours old) and our people are excited as we embark on our attempt at nation building.

Although the game has been kind enough to give us issues to consider, we are also concerned with other aspects of establishing our new little country.

  • Our national animal is the mule. The mule is a proud animal capeable of incredible amounts of strength and a good work ethic. However, the mule will refuse to work if it decides that work is not called for. Currently our mules are described as happily frollicking in our forests. We are attempting to increase our mule population. We have been showing them mule-based pornography in hopes they will get the idea and start breeding.

  • On the general subject of fertillity, we have noticed that many nations have billions of citizens while we are a small nation of only five million. We are attempting to find a fertillity symbol to encourage our people to breed even faster than our mules. The two candidates for fertillity symbol are Salma Hayek and Michele Bachmann. This is an honourary title because we are neither monarchist nor theocratic.

  • We are in search of a national dish as well. We feel that a national food would encourage tourism and make our people happy and well fed. The only candidate so far is fluffernutters but we hope to find other choices soon.

Although we have much to figure out, we have established a national sport. Professional Wrestling.

We welcome any support, hard currency, good wishes or suggestions.

We must be a popular nation. We have already recieved several telegrams requesting we leave this region. We have decided to adopt a wait and see attitude towards these invitations.

Ignore the telegrarms, they stop after a few days. Welcome.

A burning question: what’s a fluffernutter like?

Anyway, regards to the population question, for the most part, RP nation =/= NS nation stats. I adjust my nations’ populations… but that’s just me.

A fluffernutter is a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow fluff. It’s really quite tasty although some of us worry that our citizens will get fat if they eat too many of them.

Things have been going very well so far in Novabronco. Our population jumped from five million to six million in a single night. All of our men are smiling and our women are exhausted.

The mules are still not breeding. We will be feeding the female mules gin because I’ve noticed that females under the influence are a bit more frisky.

We are also debating our national bird. Some of us are trying to make the batter-fried chicken our national bird while others are holding out for crispy duck.

A puny few million…

The secret to such vast nations is… classified.

I mean welcome.

I vote for the crispy duck

And another fine day passes in Novabronco.

Today our population increased from six million to seven million. Judging from the increase in population it seems that every single woman in Novabronco was very very pregnant when our fine nation was established. Our men are horribly smug right now. Our women are very tired.

After intense lobbying by our Asian community, crispy duck was named as our national bird. They are quite delicious. But an interesting development has occured.

One of the issues our new nation confronted was the population explosion among our national animal the mule. Our House leader suggested we consult our leading biologist to find out what to do. Our leading biologist began screaming “MULES ARE STERILE IDIOTS!” He has since left the country.

To deal with the overpopulation and to heal our decimated grazing lands, we have decided to eat our mules. Some have declared that this will be the end of our fine nation as we know it, but Novabroncans are very tough. Although not as tough as a mule steak.

So, one the one hand we have the tastiest national bird we could find. On the other hand our national animal is proving to be not as delicious. We should have picked the pig. That would have been yummy. Or we could have picked the PAX FRUIT as our national animal and had fries with our crispy duck. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had picked human beings as our national animal.

So, to recap: Our national animal isn’t as tasty as our national bird. We have yet to pick a national dish, but we are leaning towards making 12 year old scotch our national beverage.

Our national sport is professional wrestling and, after an enthusiastic debate, our national fertillity symbol is Salma Heyak.

We will soon get down to settling trivial matters such as a national anthem and a national leader.

In the meantime we will be issuing stamps featuring our national fertilllity symbol to encourage population growth. During the postal debate one of our legislators pointed out that if we put Salma Heyak’s face and body on the front of the stamp we would be forcing every Novabroncan to lick Salma Heyak’s ass.

The measure passed by an overwhelming margin.