Nuclear Weapons Accord

The World Assembly,

Observing the dangers of weapons of mass destruction to civilian populations,

Believing that nuclear weaponry ought not to be used against civilian noncombatants,

Recognizing the right of member nations to keep and employ nuclear weapons for the purposes of national defense,


  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution:

    “nuclear weapon” as a weapon designed to explode using the energy generated in nuclear reactions,

    “countervalue strike” as an intentional use of nuclear weapons upon a civilian population,

  2. Permits member states to use nuclear weapons to:

    target enemy military assets that are legal military targets under World Assembly law,

    perform nuclear tests, within the confines of preexisting World Assembly legislation,

    engage in countervalue strikes, only in retaliation for one or more countervalue strikes against citizens or allied civilians,

  3. Otherwise forbids member states from targeting civilian noncombatants with nuclear weapons,

  4. Requires member states to avoid whenever possible the collateral injury of civilian populations when using nuclear weapons,

  5. Mandates that member states that unintentionally injure another nation’s civilian noncombatants through the aggressive use of nuclear weapons beyond the permissions of Clause 2 offer relief or compensation to that nation or the relevant civilians of that nation,

  6. Highly encourages member states to seek out diplomatic alternatives to the use of nuclear weapons,

  7. Suggests that member nations chill out instead of bombing their neighbors into oblivion.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.