Official Statement For TSP From TEP

To the Citizens of The South Pacific.
In early October, a plan by several players to vote-stack in The South Pacific’s upcoming elections was exposed internationally via The Miniluv Messenger in addition to being presented to your governing body in a less public setting. Though the actions of those who participated were not inspired by malevolent intentions towards The South Pacific, this was nonetheless a plan which, had it been enacted, would have compromised and intruded upon the sovereignty of The South Pacific.

Some of the players involved are respected members of The East Pacific. The venue where this plan was discussed was located on our regional forums. However, this particular forum was completely hidden from the vast majority of the region – passworded and specially masked in a way that concealed it even from the other administrators of The East Pacific.

Though the plan was discussed on our regional forums, neither The East Pacific as a region, nor its government, was responsible for the conception of “Operation Brave Toaster.” We are aware that some of your citizens believed it to be a coup attempt by The East Pacific. This is a false sentiment. We acknowledge that the participants included several highly-placed members of The East Pacific - some were even important figures in our government at the time. However, anyone in The East Pacific who was not involved in this was oblivious as to the existence of “Operation Brave Toaster” and its content.

Those who were responsible have long since recognized their accountability. The remainder of The East Pacific has already expressed its abhorrence of such behavior to these individuals. Two of the involved dropped out of the Delegate race in early October, assessing that their presence might cause further problems for the region. Many of the participants have since been declared Persona Non Grata in The South Pacific and have apologized in various locations – whether on the Gameplay forums, to your Delegate, or directly to your region.

The East Pacific does not condone the behavior of those of our citizens who involved themselves in this affair. They have been made very aware of this fact. The secret forum in which the posts were placed has since been removed and discarded from our regional site.

We regret that this was conducted on our forums and that some of the involved were from our region. The South Pacific can rest assured that The East Pacific as a region, and particularly its government, will always do its utmost to safeguard and respect the sovereignty of other regions, especially of its allies and fellow Game Created Regions.

As Delegate it is my sincere hope that, in a not too distant future, The South Pacific will agree to once more enhance the diplomatic relations between our two governments and their Citizens, in common trust and respect.

Delegate of The East Pacific
Xoriet Ysabel Meow Montresor

Minister of Foreign Affairs