Old Duke

Here ya go.
your avatar id dead so I made this one for ya.

Cool, the God Emperor B)

President of HoopHoopland :fro:

Thanks, Loop. My old avatar was a custom Atreides banner, but angelfire killed it.

Also, thank you for your supportin’ my election in The SP.

NP I never vote in SP elections but I honestly believe it to be a conflict of interest for Harkinnan to hold the position in two regions.

It seems that several people do. I didn’t, at first, but now I do. Alas, it’s all legal…

If you need free hosting for your avatar Old Duke, then www.photobucket.com seem quite good. My various avatars have been hosted there for a while and I’ve had no problems so far :slight_smile:

Pres :fro:

It seems a little out of reach. However Old Duke, we understand your issues. Loop is no doubt considering your best interests