Old Federalia

Old Federalia is an archipelago in the northeast of the region. It was once a grand federation of islands populated by successive immigrations, but has suffered from centuries of political apathy and technological regression. It is now a unitary welfare state with a population that is dense both intellectually and demographically. The nation’s original name was lost, but they’re sure it will turn up eventually.

The political system is dominated by the capital city, Terabithia. It was once a small, centrally-located island used for the national legislature’s biannual meetings, but is now a overgrown, floating city built upon layers of decay. It is entirely devoted to administrating all government functions of Old Federalia, even the most mundane local affairs.

There are over a thousand seats in a tricameral legislature. Despite its size, the legislature is continually handicapped by a failure to reach quorum every weekday except Friday, which happens to be a half-day. Any sense of direction is derailed by partisanship, which verges on tribalism. The nation’s factions are more numerous than the nation’s islands, including those submerged during high tide. Unfortunately, such a state of affairs has forced regulations and executive orders to replace timely legislation.

The president is popularly elected every two years, but no one has been re-elected in recent history to the maximum three terms because of approval ratings measured in the single digits. Effective national leadership is impossible anyways, since the government is a labyrinth of bloated bureaucracy. Elected officials are figure heads, while agency directors compete for dominance from behind the scenes.

The government derives its legitimacy from its several Supreme Courts. Each deals with a different facet of the law. Their main duty is to sort through centuries of precedence in order to placate aggrieved citizens and their class-action suits.

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The Constitution of Federalia


We the People of Federalia, in order to provide for the general welfare and peace of our islands, do hereby establish this constitution for the Federal Republic of Federalia.

Article A: Powers of State

Section 1) The Powers of State shall be invested in the Convention Plaza. Those powers include the creation of a civil code, subsequent laws for the regulation of industry and commerce, interpretation of this constitution, trial of suspicious persons, arbitration of the civil code and laws, appointment of ministers, enforcement of laws, diplomatic representation of the Republic, and the ability to make war and peace.

Section 2) The Plaza shall delegate the powers of appointment of ministers, enforcement of laws and diplomatic representation of the Republic to a National Delegate. The Delegate shall be elected every four years by a majority of the Plaza.

Section 4) The Plaza shall delegate the powers of the creation of a civil code, subsequent laws for the regulation of industry and commerce, and the ability to make war and peace to an Assembly of Magicians. A citizen may become a Magicians by virtue of their magical ability as demonstrated to the Assembly of Magicians and confirmed by applause therein.

Section 5) The Plaza shall delegate the powers of interpretation of this Constitution, trial of suspicious persons, and arbitration of the civil code and laws to a Cave of Arbitrators. The Arbitrators shall leave their cave to make themselves available to perform their duties only once a year, unannounced and individually.

Article B: Executive

Section 1) The National Delegate of the Federal Republic of the Terabithian Isles shall represent the popular will of the Isles to The East Pacific.

Section 2) The Delegate personally may execute citizens in contravention of the civil code or laws.

Section 3) The Delegate shall not serve concurrently as a Magician or Arbitrator.

Section 4) Any person who pretends to be the Delegate, no matter how convincing, shall not be the Delegate.

Article C: Legislature

Section 1) The Assembly of Magicians will elect among themselves a Provost every year. The Provost shall preside over the Assembly, represent it to the Executive and Judiciary, and keep a record of the laws of the Republic.

Section 2) The Magicians shall pass laws by majority vote.

Section 3) The Delegate shall have the power to veto any law passed by the Magicians. The Magicians shall have the power to override a veto by a 3/4 vote. If the Delegate does not veto a law passed by the Magicians within ten days, it shall be enacted.

Section 4) The Magicians may ratify by majority vote a declaration of war or treaty submitted by the Delegate.

Section 5) The Magicians may appoint Arbitrators nominated by the Delegate by majority vote.

Section 6) The Magicians may remove an Arbitrator by a 3/4 vote, or the Delegate or a Magician by a 2/3 vote for high crimes. If the Delegate is removed, the Magicians shall then select an Acting Delegate until a new election for Delegate has been held.

Section 7) A Magician may not serve concurrently as Delegate or Arbitrator.

Section 8) The Magicians shall meet in open session except when it is agreed by majority vote that a closed session is necessary.

Section 9) Each time a Magician votes, he must also explicitly supply his chi (if applicable) in the same post.

Article D: Judicial

Section 1) The Cave shall be composed of an odd number of Arbitrators but there shall not be more than seven Arbitrators at any one time. An Arbitrator shall not serve concurrently as a Magician or the Delegate.

Section 2) The Arbitrators shall elect from amongst themselves for a term of six months a Royal Governor, who shall oversee the proceedings of the Cave and represent the Cave to the Magicians and the Delegate.

Section 5) The Cave may rule on the actions of the Delegate or laws passed by the Magicians and nullify and prohibit any which are contrary to this Constitution.

Section 6) The Cave may judge the actions of any citizen for violation of this Constitution and the laws of the Republic and sentence those found guilty.

Section 7) Trials by the Cave shall be in open session.

Section 8) The Cave may remove a Magician by majority vote for high crimes.

Article E: Citizenship

Section 1) Anyone with a parent of Federalian nationality shall have the right to citizenship.

Section 2) The Magicians may by majority vote prescibe a naturalization process for foreigners to become citizens.

Section 3) The Royal Governor shall be charged with overseeing the naturalization process and shall maintain a record of all citizens.

Article F: Rights of Citizens

Section 1) Each person shall have the right to free speech and the Republic shall take no action to limit this except when somene is determined to be acting deliberately to cause a public nuisance by the Cave.

Section 2) Each citizen shall have the right to a swift and impartial trial by the Cave if action is taken against them by the government.

Section 3) No one shall be tried twice for the same offense.

Section 4) No one shall be forced to incriminate itself.

Section 5) Each citizen shall have the right to legal counsel in a trial before the Cave.

Section 6) Each citizen may enter and leave the Republic freely, unless that nation is convicted of a crime.

Section 7) Each citizen shall be free to serve in any office in the Isles but no person shall be granted a title of nobility by the Republic and no citizen shall accept a title of nobility from a foreign government.

Section 9) All rights not in this Constitution described or reserved to the Republic shall remain in the hands of the individual Islands and the citizens.

Article G: Enactment and Amendment

Section 1) This Constitution shall take effect following a simple majority ratification vote of residents of the Isles.

Section 2) The Magicians shall have the authority to propose an amendment to this Constitution by a 2/3 vote; such an amendment must receive the support of 3/4 of the Convention Plaza.

[size=100][size=100][size=100]Characters of Old Federalia[/size][/size][/size]

Character: Nicholas Joseph “Nick” Furry (Missing)
Title: Director of O.S.V.C.E.R. (Office for Simian-Vulpine Convergent Evolution Research)
Biography: Nick is a lowly bureaucrat burdened by his own ignorance of convergent evolution research. His goals entail keeping his head down and staying out of the way of his “subordinates.” Being conscripted for an international visit to Vekaiyu is not within his scope of ambitions.

Character: Stephen “Steve-O” Colbert (Missing)
Title: National Delegate of the Federal Republic of Federalia
Biography: Stephen was Vice Delegate to Bill O’Reilly, who resigned after just two months. Notable only for not complaining. After leaving for Eldora, Vekaiyu, with Director Furry, both are missing.

Character: James “Jimmy” Olson
Title: Ye Olde Federal Tribune Intern, Delivery-Pelican Handler, Ye Olde Federal Tribune International Blog Writer
Biography: Simple intern for the Ye Olde Federal Tribune. Poor spelling, awareness of online trends, started a blog for the paper.