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which ones are they,

Huzzah! Hopefully a good player like you will stay here for a bit! Enjoy the shamwows!

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which ones are they,

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Thel is the Hippo, Eras is the Ninja Bunny…Who is the Walrus?

I usually take bribes to stay! lol In TNP I get free Rum in TWP i get my kill of Marsupials.


I’m still waiting for a bribe? I’ll take your first born or your infected PC!!

Hmmmm… I have a broken down PC, lol…

I dunno. What would you like, lol?

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Creative’s our middle name, lol. Just check today’s World Factbook Entry, for starters. But seriously, I’ve been in and around NS for quite some time, and I’ve never known a bunch like these guys. They’ve been around TEP longer than I have (most of them), but they took me in as one of their own, trusted me, and never looked back, despite a past history of raiding. We just don’t fight, like other regions do (especially some feeders). We pretty much get along - something that’s rather refreshing for someone like me. Furthermore, we don’t have an “old boy network” so common in some other places as well. Half the people in our government are either ‘newbs’ or from other regions looking to establish a home in TEP. And while our government has been active, it’s had growing pains, but people get along just well in it (personally I wouldn’t mind a little more initiative in the other two branches of government, but I have to remind myself finals week is looming and I, being a grad student, am not immune to that either).

In December, our region was finally freed from the empire. We all got together - outsiders and insiders alike - and created a constitution. Other people can back me up on this, but it took us roughly 2-3 weeks of 3-6 hours per night hammering it out. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. But, perhaps what I’m proud of most about that is no one, I repeat, no one tried to strongarm the document, or bully people into having it their way. We just… all worked together. We knew we had a task, so we all kind of gave a nod and had at it. To see such enthusiasm paralleled with such humility and dedication is really foreign to me when it comes to playing games, but, after all, NS is a game (I think), and games are fun when everyone feels like they’re treated fairly and can easily participate.

And that’s what we did. We didn’t (still don’t) shut anyone out from running for an office, nor from voicing an opinion, nor do we have any type of ‘ranks’. If anything, Loop would have the highest rank here, but he doesn’t clamor for one, he’s content with how the government’s going, as far as I know (though the life of a judge can be a slow one). Like I said, I’m a former raider who used to raid UCR’s and pacifics alike. I should be dirt here. But I’m not - people respected me, treated me as an equal, and it just so happened that now we’re the most energetic feeder in the game, having grown the most both in nations and forum participants, and continue to do so, quickly becoming a breeding ground of activity and new thoughts into the game.

But I think what ties us together in a unique way is the roleplaying. Honestly, I do. Roleplaying requires interaction between others and almost begs for others to work together. After all, if one compares Roleplaying to music, roleplaying is a symphony, and it just doesn’t sound right if the drums are off and the trombone section is flat. Perhaps that’s why we work together well - no one here really fights, we haven’t scared anyone off, and we pretty much interact well.

Maybe I’m being a bit bias here, but I’ve been a game player since late 2004, way back when I was a nation in Poland. So I’ve seen a lot of good and bad. Granted, my opinions are just that - opinions - but I believe we have something special here.

Plus, being a former raider, having the highest endorsement count with excellent viziers and people watching over the region, I wouldn’t hazard the guess to say we won’t be attacked for a very, very long time, lol. We might have a few delegate transitions, but I’m pretty sure those will be ones we vote in, not an outside group. Furthermore, activity makes opportunists fade away. We’ve been pretty creative here, and look to be more creative in the future (personally, I am looking to get a debate contest, perhaps an RP beauty contest, and a summer olympics v. 2.0 going here in the summer months, when I’m not reading about polymer crystalization, lol), so I expect bright times for us.

I hope that explains a little, lol.

A little? Your new nick name is Todd Wiki! https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592180.5087-smiley.gif?ttinline=true

You kids stay out of my bushes.

Was that a sexual Innuendo? Can I sue and own the EP Domain?

You… don’t trust raiders…?

Oh, it’s you.


Yup it’s muah. Put the shotgun away HC!