On Marijuana

The World Assembly,
NOTES Section 9 of the General Assembly Resolution number 90, “Drug Trafficking Act”,

  • “Recognises the right of nations to deny entry to vessels transporting recreational drugs.”


  • Marijuana:: cannabis, a psychoactive plant used medically and recreationally,

  • Marijuana related paraphernalia:: any equipment, product, or accessory that is intended or modified for making, using, or concealing cannabis,

MANDATES a full pardon shall be issued to individuals incriminated or incarcerated for marijuana and marijuana related paraphernalia;
ENSURES reparations shall be paid towards individuals incarcerated for marijuana and marijuana related paraphernalia in the form of a percentage of the prosecuting nations GDP per capita per year of incarceration;
DENOTES an individual may possess and have on their person marijuana buds, concentrate marijuana, and edible marijuana, in an amount denoted by the individual’s national governments and their municipalities with a minimum amount of two ounces, one half-ounce, and one-thousand milligrams, respectively;
ENACTS national governments and their municipalities to set in place programs for licensure for the national growing, buying, selling, storing, and otherwise trading of marijuana;
RECOGNISING a significant proportion of agreement from the population,
UNDERSTANDING this recognition does in fact warrant action,
DICTATES that the aforementioned shall be henceforth effective into law.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] On Marijuana (by Vhaovamer)

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“On Marijuana” was defeated 17,462 votes to 5,973.