One Half-Hour

In any given day, a half-hour is a little over 1/50th of a day, or 30 minutes in a sum total of 1,440 minutes. That’s nothing. It may be the time it takes you to drive back and forth to work. It may be the time it takes you to eat lunch. It may be the time you spend with your eyes glued to a TV screen or listening to music. I don’t know - whatever the reason is, there are a lot of half-hours in a day, of course, reserved for different things in our lives. And we all have a half-hour to spare in a given day (unless it’s a really busy day, but let’s just say on average there’s at least a half-hour to spare in a given day).

In the span of one half-hour, you could write 1-3 roleplay posts. Folks I’ve been a part of this region for over two years now. I got into roleplay because it was fun and exciting. Is it still fun and exciting? Well for me it is, but there’s something missing. Maybe it’s you. Maybe I haven’t seen your nation around a bit. Maybe there’s something a person or people in my nation would like to do with your nation. Hell, maybe there’s something we could talk about to get our two nations to interact.

Bottom line is most of us who are “regulars” on the forums here have a main nation they at one point did roleplay with. If you roleplay still, thanks for sticking around. If you’re new, be bold and either start a storyline or get involved in a current one. But for the 'vets and the people who ‘know the ropes’ on the forums, where are you? We have some active people and some new people who could really use your creativity. Can you get your nation out and do some cool stuff with it? Can you interact with us and bless us with your creativity once more? Could you shake and roll with your awesome plots and develop neat storylines again?

In short, can you give us a half-hour of your time? One half-hour of roleplay. That’s all I ask. You can time it even if you want and count reading this as part of day one’s half-hour. I don’t care.

We who have chosen to have RP nations have a responsibility to our fellow roleplayers to interact and get involved. I think if we all work at this, we can really jump-start our roleplay section and increase interest in it for new and old players alike.

I hope to see you ‘on the floor’, so to speak. Thank you for your time.

So it looks like some are going, some aren’t. I understand we’re all busy and stuff, but I gotta admit, I miss RPing with some of you, and I miss reading your posts just as much.

If we’re going to have a good RP week, we’re going to need to think of some ideas. Here’s some that I had in mind:[ul]
[li] Maybe create an alternate universe for the week so it in essence ‘levels the playing field’ and forces us all to come up with something new
[li]Create RP threads that can be geared toward multiple involvement. I believe FPS mentioned an idea for an asteroid or meteor RP in an OOC thread. We could also do a ball / dance RP (that’s another idea that’s been around here recently), re-start shiro, do another science lab RP (unless people want to re-start the sealab, but maybe we should try something new?). I’ll do my part and start an ‘involving’ RP thread, but I can’t do them all since I don’t want to be an RP hog :stuck_out_tongue:
[li]Grab people / friends over from other regions, perhaps?
[li]Awards for RP play (anyone handy with photoshop??)?
Just a start. And what about those who don’t RP, maybe you could offer some insight too? Regardless, I stand by what I said earlier in this thread - if we take just a small amount of time out of our days, we can really have some good RP’s.

Also this. In talking with a member here last week, I was told that old TEP was awesome in that all roleplayers respected one another and just overall had fun. I was informed of some of the earlier roleplays and my heart ached. I know that was years and years ago, but damn, if we could get some good ones going again, heck that’d be amazing. So, let’s do it! What do you all think?