Osiris Papyrus #8

Pharaoh: Lyanna Stark
Kai Repat: Biyah
Sepatarchy: Quadrimmina (Spokesman), Lemon Love, Demarest, Vladisvok Destino, Cora
Great Kenbet: Hileville, Zaolat, The Direwolves
Council of Ma’at: New Kervoskia, Oliver, Goobergunch

It was election season again for the Sepatarchy, with nominations for the fourth term Septarchy starting August 21st. Nominations began with Sepatarchy Spokesperson Quadrimmina nominating 19 people. Several declining their nominations, before Pharaoh Lyanna Stark realised that we were yet to nominate Quadrimmina for another term. Poor Quad stating “I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be a Sepatarch anymore”.

Quadrimmina, Vladisvok, Cora and Lemon Love accepted their nominations, but it appeared that the region was going to have to do some searching to find the fifth Sepatarchy candidate. Aurora tried to nominate herself but was ineligible due to the 14 day citizenship requirement. A clarification of the law by the Council of Ma’at indicated that an individual must be a citizen for 14 days at the time of the election to be eligible to run. This meant that Demarest was eligible, and thus the five candidates Quadrimmina, Vladisvok, Cora, Lemon Love and Demarest went on to form the fourth Sepatarchy.

The Fourth Sepatarchy has a significant agenda set out for itself to achieve this term. With the high calibre of the Sepatarchs and the guiding hands of Quadrimmina and Kai Repat Biyah we look forward to seeing them meet all of their goals.

Great Kenbet
The Great Kenbet was once again up for election with Zaolat, Hileville and The Direwolves all indicating their intention to run for another term. Septarch Lemon Love accepted her nomination for Kenbet leading to a tight election between the four candidates vying for the 3 available positions. Zaolat was the front runner winning easily with 12 votes, while Hileville and The Direwolves both received 8 votes narrowly defeating Lemon Love with her 7 votes.

Osiris v Tim
The Osiris v Tim trial has finally come to an end in the form of a plea bargain. The Attorney General Eluvatar, Pharaoh Lyanna Stark, and the Defendant Tim Stark signed off and agreed to the plea bargain. The Attorney General wrote of his concern for the standard of the judiciary stating that “The standard regarding all agents of the court should be raised, and it is hoped that the Kenbet would be willing to set time limits on parts of cases, that of course can be extended if asked–but will not go on forever. We are not blaming the Kenbet, but are going to them in hopes of a solution so that this does not happen again.”

According to the terms of the plea bargain the Great Kenbet held that “Tim’s citizenship will be restored, with his ability to run for Sepatarchy restored in a year from the time of execution of this agreement. He may not hold the roles of Pharaoh or Kai Repat, nor serve on the Council of Ma’at or Kenbet. He may, though, be a Vizier. He will be on probation regarding endotarting and heinous behaviour, and this incident can be referenced by the evidence if there is a future incident. This particular issue may not be raised as a separate case again.”

Game of Thrones
The Game of Thrones role play has started up once again. The setting is Kings Landing. Biyah has taken to setting up the roleplay and doing a significant amount of the work behind the scenes. The RP has only just started up and we look forward to seeing how it plays out.

Pharaoh Lyanna Stark decided to start a Tetris competition to add to the fun and activity on the forum, and to get everyone involved in a fun game! The contest ran for a week, accepting screenshots from any variant of TetrisFriend’s Marathon. The standings at the end were:

  1. Abbey (240,409)
  2. The Direwolves (200,477)
  3. Lyanna Stark (182,509)
  4. Quadrimmina (106,403)

Congratulations to Abbey for her tetris-skills!

The Egyptian Temple
The newest edition to the Osirisan boards has been greeted by moderate interest and could possibly lead to more Egyptian themed roleplay. The “Egyptian Temple” is a centre for the role-played worship of ancient Egyptian deities and myths. Participants in the activity begin their roles in the Egyptian Temple by pledging their devotion to one, out of many major gods and goddesses from the ancient Egyptian religion. After pledging his/her patronage, the participant continues to their patron’s temple, where he/she can talk to an oracle or the god or goddess his/her self, and participate in religious services.

The High Priest will conduct religious services, people may choose their patron god or goddess, join the cults of smaller deities, learn about the myths surrounding their chosen gods, or dedicate themselves to becoming priests.The out-of-character purpose of this is to learn and enjoy a little bit of ancient folklore by diving head first into the myths. There are still lots of roleplaying yet to be done, and for the most part, the temple is still under construction and the temples, or subforums, are yet to be created.

The Medjai Guard

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Medjai Guard. We saw our first non-Warzone action as we took Lebanon, holding it for a few days before TITO restored the decadent Phoenician Empire that the Medjai Guard removed.

The Guard saw further action in Greece, supporting the New Persians group in their long term goal at dislodging the old decaying Persian Empire from the region. The New Persians don’t call any one region their home, but will continue to pursue their goal.

Also, the Guard helped Birth Ctrl-Z take Warzone Europe from Right to Life. Followers of the Medjai Guard’s exploits will remember that the Guard held the region for almost a month earlier this summer. A successful mission saw 4 of the 6 participants make update, with Mamalik Kitabeya Abbey Anumia and Mamalik Kitabeya Jamie Anumia both taking part in their first missions for the Guard. The two will likely be among those promoted to higher ranks later on in the year.

Most recently, delegate-elect of Lazarus Feux accepted the offer of help in the delegacy transfer from Griffin Somerset. Most of the Guard’s force has deployed into Lazarus for this operation, which will hopefully signal a new era of co-operation between Lazarus and Osiris.

Gateway Radio:

Osiris is proud to announce the rechristening of Nationstates’ first webcast Radio Station, Gateway Radio!

We’re just starting it out, but we’re keeping a sharp eye out for potential DJs, or talk hosts, who think they have the stuff. The only requirement… have fun!

Come listen in, it’s a non-stop party! #Gateway_Radio on Espernet!

The Wedding of Empress Elizabeth

In the dark of the night, those close to the Imperial Party gathered as The Empress Elizabeth and Prince Rahl, of the Empire, joined heart and mind in matrimony.

Highlights from the wedding include:

— Begin quote from ____

  • @LordTeshys begins to continue reading out of a long and pompous book, when said book suddenly bursts into flames. He quickly throws it into the pool.
  • @Rahl rolls his eyeballs to the sky, decides that’s the theme for the night, and walks up to join his beloved.

— End quote

— Begin quote from ____

<@LordTeshys> Do you have the rings?

  • @Rahl snaps his fingers, and two servants step up with the rings.
  • @LordTeshys inspects the rings. “Excellent. Truly, these are rings to rule them all.”

— End quote

— Begin quote from ____

<@LordTeshys> Then do you, my Empress, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for as long as you both shall live?
*** Elizabeth Quit (Ping timeout: 202 seconds)
<@LordTeshys> :S
<+Cormac> (Is that a no?)
<+SleepingFigs> >_>
<+SleepingFigs> Your bride fled :frowning:

— End quote

If you want to read the entire ceremony, visit us at Osiris.

Osiris would like to wish the two joy and long life! Let all of nationstates tremble, for two Imperial hearts joined as one can never be broken!

Believe It Or Not

Egyptian Stonehenge predates the pyramids

Some 20 years ago, in the Egyptian desert about 100 kilometers west of Abu Simbel, Fred Wendorf noticed a group of large stones on the site of an ancient lake bed. Reasoning by their appearance that they must have been brought there at some time in the past, he began excavations. What he uncovered was the oldest-known astronomically arranged megaliths, predating Stonehenge by over 1000 years.

For more info on article . http://egofelix.com/8593-egyptian-stonehenge

— Begin quote from ____

[9:33 PM] HEM: #Osiris is too active

— End quote

This update was written by McMasterdonia, The Direwolves, Biyah, Lyanna Stark, Diamete and Camwood